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HI there You were all very helpful when Lucy my Kitten would not drink water and gave me good advise, which worked. So I wondered If anyone could put my mind at rest tonight. Lucy is now about 5 months old and within the last few days has developed a few lumps. one below her ear, one on her neck and one to the side of her nose. she is going to the vet tomorrow but my husband is already thinking the worst and doesn't want me to take my 11yr child with me. I think from reading your posts it seems that lumps are quite common. Have any of your cats had lumps in these places? any comments welcome.
regards Faith
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It could be feline acne. Are you using plastic bowls? If so, you may want to change to stainless steel or ceramic. I'm sure it is minor, but you are right to get her to the vet right away. So many minor issues become big problems if you wait too long!
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Can you describe the lumps? Hard or soft? Are they scabbed over on the top? It could be flea bites, scratches, bites by other cats (if she goes outside), or cysts. Definitely have them checked, but don't panic. There are lots of simple things that could be causing the bumps.
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they started soft and turned hard and she doesn't go outside.
Thankyou for your support I'll let you know what the vet says and(if I can work out how!)post a picture of lucy on.
Kind regards Faith
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Hi there, I'm stumped actually, have never noticed such a thing with my cats. Beckiboo mentioned changing from plastic to stainless steel or ceramic and that got me a bit worried cos I've been feeding mine from plastic bowls. Would this cause problems? Looks like I'd better buy them some stainless steel bowls!
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I'll ask the vet about plastic bowls, It would certanly be an easy solution! Oooh I just thought, she got a plastic food mat for christmas, I wonder?
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Lucy had an allergic reaction. she had a jag and has to take tablets for 10 days. the vet thinks it was a reaction to the washing-up liquid I used to clean the floor (here was me thinking I was being sensible not using bleach!)
thanks for all your words of help. I do hope this Info helps to prevent any other kitty getting Ill.
thanks again Faith
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oh, i am so glad it was something simple...
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It's good to hear it was something minor which should clear up soon.
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