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fine line between entertaining,

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and tormenting!
Poor cats have been glued to the windows these past two days as the weather has brought out all the squirrels to raid the bird feeders. I put up a feeder really close to the window, not sure if the birds would come so close, but they do! The cats just go bananas watching them so close, yet just out of reach. They make such cute little squeaky noises of excitement too, it just cracks us up to hear them.
I must take them out for a good walk so they can work off some of the fustration.
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I love those chattering noises they make when they're frustrated that they can't get to the birds (or squirrels!)

Video Catnip is just as much fun, BTW.
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i put bread and bird food out for the birds so the cats can watch them.

sometimes they sneakout the door with me and sit by the bread waiting - as if a birds ever going to be that stupid!
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"Video Catnip" - I'll have to look that up!
I'm thinking of getting some suet cakes that the squirrels love so much. But I'll hang them further away: Pushy actually banged into the window trying to get them yesterday.
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awww how cute..i will have to do something like that for Kallie
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We have bird feeders front and back, and they really are entertaining for Jamie. Right now we have a lot of snow and ice, so we're also putting out suet and fruit (for the blackbirds), and he spends hours watching them.
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Video Catnip is a VHS or DVD of birds, squirrels etc. My furkids go berserk when we put it on, trying to get into the TV to get at the critters. It is hilariously entertaining for the humans!
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