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I wish I had had a tape recorder!!!

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Last night a miracle happened on 14th street (my street, LOL).

As we were driving into the driveway from work David (my husband) admitted he s Garfield!!!!
He also said that Garfiled is a beautiful cat and he has yet to meet a cat prettier than him!!!!!!!!!! I was in complete shock!
This coming from a guy who 5 years ago wouldnt even look at a cat!
so what made him come out of his "cat hating" shell?
Dont know and dont care!!

Anyone else changed a "cat haters" mind?
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My sister (who hates cats) asked if she could take scully home after visiting us last year not long after we got him - it always feels great to make them a cat lover!
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Cats have a way of doing that, if they are given half a chance.

Another successful convert!!
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My mom was never a cat fan until she saw Harley, now she 's him
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My husband has never been a cat hater but he's never been even close to being as nuts about animals as I. BUT, he's totally smitten with Bijou and talks to him all the time and although Mika is a little more standoffish to me and John (she's really cuddly with Jennifer), John still loves her and is always talking to her too. Jennifer and I can definitely see a difference in the way John interacts with these 2 cats versus any other cats we've ever had.
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These stories are great!!!

I also just remembered that on Christmas Day I found david talking to Lilo in the kitchen. He was warming him up some Carne Asada (thin steak) and I had heard him saying "hey Lilo, you want some"
I walked in and his face was red. I said "since when do YOU talk to the cats"
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Well done! Bring on the conversions everyone!
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My ex was ok with cats, but not crazy about them. After our divorce he got his own. He still comes over for visitation with Oliver.

My fiancee never had a pet. He LOVES Oliver and Tripod as his own kids.
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Originally Posted by Rockcat
He still comes over for visitation with Oliver.
That is too funny!!!!
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My Hubby was raised on a farm . He did`nt dislike cats, but always felt that their place was in the barn, chasing mice.
Since Toby was dropped off on our front porch as a little kitten (by his cat-mom) a little over a year ago Larry began to get attached and has actually just made a baby out of him...then a few months later we got Tedy. He spoils them both !He even gets down on his knees and crawls around under the table after them if they don`t hop up on a chair for him to pet before he goes to work every morning. I`ve seen this Big ole guy fish toys out from under the :censor::censor::censor::censor:, buffet and couches for the cats.As soon as he gets home and sits in his recliner they are in his lap for a treat. He talks baby talk to them too. (Boy does his mom hate to hear him do that when she`s here! I actually think he does it even more to agrivate her ever since she told him that "real men don`t like cats")
He`s a true convert and I LOVE that he LOVES them!!!
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My roommate wasn't a big fan of cats because he thought they were all aloof, skittish, and basically how they're portrayed in movies. I guess he hadn't actually been around a cat long enough to really get to know them, even though he says he has--I just can't believe it! He fell in love with Cupid the way everyone that's ever met him has.
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I have two cat conversion stories.

My Dad was never a cat person -- just didn't get it, kidded his granddaughters about their cats, etc, etc. A few months after he came to live here, a colleague of mine needed to rehome her two boys, because of "allergies". Gryphon and Nibs came to live with us, and Gryphon won Grampa over, big time! To the point that latterly he wanted pics of all our kitties, even after he wasn't at home, and wanted to hear all the kitty stories I had, and made friends with the kitty who lived on his floor in his extended care facility.

The other story is the "allergies" responsible for rehoming Gryphon and Nibs. This was a new partner, who was a dog person, and also didn't get it. So G&N came here. We had a grand time. And ten years later J&S adopted a couple of ragdolls, and S (the "allergies") is so completely smitten, that she often says she doesn't know how she lived her life without kitties. I grin every time we talk and am very grateful that things worked the way they did.
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