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Goodbye my dear Candy

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I joined the CatSite forum a few months ago. Unfortunately, my first post will be a eulogy to my dear little Siamese that was my companion for almost 15 years. She had a good, healthy life, but her kidneys started failing in mid-December. By December 27, I had to make the terrible decision that it was better for her to leave me and not make her suffer further to keep me company.

Candy was my shadow. Whenever I’d been gone, she’d meet me at the door. Whatever I was doing, wherever I was at in the house, she was never far away. She was my lap warmer when I sat down to watch TV or otherwise relax. She sat with me as I attempted to work on the computer. At night, some part of my body (an arm - a leg) was her pillow. As I move around the house, I catch myself looking for her - wondering why she’s not where she always was.

My husband’s pug, Heidi, and Candy were not real close (after all, Candy was older - 8, when the playful puppy entered the picture), but I believe they came to an understanding that included some degree of affection. The 7 pound cat was certainly able to keep what turned into a 20 pound dog under control! Now the dog will start sniffing and walk around looking at the places Candy used to sit/lay. I even think the dog misses her.

Living on a farm, I was able to bury Candy in my back yard. I feel I’m able to talk with her in the evening when I go out to feed the horses and my barn cats. One of my favorite barn cats is buried near her as well as a house cat I had many years ago - before her. Candy was special, though. I had her longer than any other cat. As healthy as she'd always been, I thought I'd have her at least another 2-3 years, so I sure wasn't ready for this.

I love you, Candy, and I miss you terribly. Rest in peace . . . until we meet again.
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RIP, little Candy. You were very loved.

I am so sorry that your first post was such a sad one.
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I'm very sorry to hear of Candy's is always so hard to make that difficult decision.

RIP Candy
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I´m very so sorry for you! ...My deep condolences!
RIP sweet Candy! always been in our hearts!
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So sorry to hear that. It is such a hard decision to make, but she will be at the bridge waiting for you.
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How sad! I am very sorry for your loss of Candy. I live in the country, too, and have several precious ones buried under our honeysuckle bush.

Rest in peace, dear Candy. You were lucky to be truly cherished.
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Please accept my condolences for the loss of your sweet girl. Rest in peace, is obvious you were well-loved.

My own loss prompted my first post on this site, as well. Sunni is also buried here, on our property.

May you find the support and understanding that I found upon joining this community.
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Giant Hugs! My heart goes out to you. RIP sweet Candy!
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Thank you, everyone, for your kind thoughts. It has been theraputic to share my loss of Candy with people who truly understand and care. Though it will be a while before I don't think of her almost constantly, I am getting a little better.

I spent a while yesterday afternoon taking down the Christmas decorations. Candy loved laying on the skirt under the Christmas tree (an artificial tree, no less - go figure)! I just put the skirt away as is - didn't want to shake any of her little hairs out of it. They'll still be there next year.

Then I went through the motions of New Years - not a lot of "Happy," though. Although I'm not looking forward to several full weeks at work, without any holidays or vacation days, it will probably be good for me. Spring will be good when it comes, too, so I'll not spend so much time in the house thinking of where my Candy kitty should be sitting.

Again, thank you, everyone, for your condolences. They are appreciated.
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((((Ginnyp)))) You're going to make me cry, talking about saving Candy's little hairs on the Christmas tree skirt!

I know the feeling, tho. I have buried several of my furbabies in the back yard and they are always in my heart.

I have my Amber now, and she is a great joy and a blessing to me! She likes the Christmas tree too (and yes, ours is artificial!)

You gave Candy much love and a wonderful home. Clearly she was a very happy and loved little cat, and she was lucky to be a part of your family. I hope your heart heals until one day you can think of your Candy and smile at the happy memories.

RIP sweet Candy.
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Welll...I AM crying !
My heart just fell down when I read your post. I`m so sorry that you loss Candy.
I know that was a terrible decision for you to have had to make, but you cared more for her pain than you did your own...and that is LOVE!
You`ll adopt another fur baby when the time is right for you...and I hope it`s not too long...because it sounds like you are someone who has much affection to give.....Please let us know here on TCS when you do.....and feel free to hang around with us as much as you like even before then, if it does`nt hurt too much to do so.
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Oh Ginny,
My heart breaks for the loss of your precious baby Candy!

I know your pain... first hand. (as so many other's here do to)

Again, I am soooo incredibly sorry for you loss.
xo Donna
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RIP are certainly missed by your family
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It's been 7 days and almost 3 hours since I said goodbye to Candy. Since I posted my eulogy to her, the support from everyone here has helped me SO much. I don't know when the tears will stop, but when talking about her life and my loss, I now at least get a couple of sentences out before they come.

Thank you all so much for your loving support.

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Ginny, I am so sorry for your loss and sorry that I am only responding to this now. Your love for Candy is so evident in your words and I weep with you. Know that we are all here for you to support you or listen to you whenever you need. I see you know that already.

when will the tears stop? they will, in time.
In time the happy times will begin to outweigh your tears and you will even smile when you think of her. Be gentle with yourself, let yourself grieve and cry as much as you want. It is never easy to loose a loved one

my thoughts are with you at this time

fly high little angel
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Just take it one day at a time sweetie because Candy was a big part of your life

RIP Candy, you were loved so very much
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It’s now been four weeks since I said good-bye to my Candy. Thanks to everyone’s support here, (and I guess a little help from “mother time,â€) depending on the day and my overall mood, I can think about her and talk (a little) about her without tearing up. I’ll continue to miss her for a long time, and I’ll never forget her, but the healing process is progressing.

Along with grieving for Candy, I’ve shed tears for other sick and lost kitties, and rejoiced when one is healed. This is a wonderful place to share our innermost feelings with people who truly understand and care. God bless you all.
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I am glad you are beginning to feel better now. It is never easy and there will always be a certain heaviness in our hearts when we think of these little friends who lived with us for so many years. But we do finally reach a stage when we don't cry with every thought of them. Candy was a blessed cat to have had such a long life with ones who loved her so much.
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