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So, I just need to rant about this!

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I just got back from vacationing at my mom's house in wonderful sunny, Tampa! It was a much needed break from the hum drum for my husband, baby, and me! We visited family, went to the FL Aquarium, visited the Sponge Docks and ate Greek food, had pizza, went to a cool restaurant called The Dish in St.Pete, and had a great church service Easter morning!

But I was more than happy to leave the humidity and come home late last night. So we had this looooooooooong flight home! And we got back here to Utah finally at 1030pm. So we're at the baggage claim waiting for our luggage, out came our one bag.. and our other... ??
Oh, it got sent to Louisiana and then on to Oakland because someone forgot to load it onto our correct plane in TPA!!! So it happend to be my daughters bag! And it happend to have my Medela Breast Pump in it. You see, my daughter has a cleft lip and palate and can't nurse on her own so I have to pump! So I left last night tired and angry beyond all belief! You see, I also live an hour away from the airport and they didn't know when they'd be able to get me my pump back. So this morning it arrived on a flight and I went and got it! But I'm still pissed off that after even telling them that it was dire for me to have my pump, they offered nothing! And when I went to pick it up, they didn't even ask for ID. I had just gone in and said, OH, there's my bag...

So there I go... I'm done and I feel much better! Thanks for your ears!
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That is horrible! I'm glad they were at least able to get you your bag in a somewhat timely fashion.

What happened to the FEDERAL mandate that bags have to be matched with passengers?? I thought that was a requirement now. So much for airport security... It must just cost too much money for the airlines to actually change their security protocols, so they will just mask over it for the media. I can't believe that they didn't even check your ID to pick up your bag. Makes me think that the whole security thing after 9/11 is just a big sham.
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Where do you find these addresses to the Presidents of the airlines? BTW everyone, I traveled on Southwest. I guess that's what you get when you pay for one of their promo deals.
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There are some I things I always put in my carry-on, for exactly that reason. I always bring food too, I've been stranded in rinky-dink little airports after hours with not even a vending machine a few times.

I think they should have rented one for you, esp. if it was longer than over night. I think you should call the consumer reporter at a local tv station. This would be a great human interest story and a little pressure on the airline would be a good thing.
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You're lucky that you even got off the ground yesterday. All of Airside A at TIA was shut down for a time because security found a gun in somebody's baggage. Never did find the person the bag belonged to though. Great updated security system we have going here.

Too bad I didn't know you were visiting our fair city. There is a great little hole-in-the-wall restaurant up by the sponge docks in Tarpon Springs.
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Vlinder-I'm glad to hear that you got your bag back. I can't believe how airlines loose people's luggage and then not give a rats a** about it! So much for the tightened security, YEAH, RIGHT!!!
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vlinder....I would have been mad too!!! Did you have to go buy another pump to use to feed her till you got your bag back, or what did you do? I would definately send them a letter!!!!!!
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