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top entry litter boxes

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So we've thought about using a homemade top entry litterbox (giant rubbermaid container that we'll cut a hole in) for PJ and her inability to squat and pee. We're going to put a little carpet or something on the top since so she won't slip when she gets on it.

My question is: how is she going to know that it's a litterbox? I mean, I think she will, but I'm worried. We'll be keeping a traditional litterbox around as well so she'll have a place to go if she doesn't like the new one. Also, how easy is it really for the cat to get in and out? She's about 11 pounds and is somewhat wide in her upper body. She's jumped on the closed box before (no hole cut yet), and she loves to go up on things that are about the same height, so I'm probably overly worried. She can squeeze herself into lots of small spaces so she'll probably be fine.

What are your experiences with top entry boxes and your cats - especially older cats (PJ is about 11)?

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a) remove old box. b) put a little piece of dried stuff (for the smell) from the old box on top of the new litter - to one side. c) put cat in/on new litter, hold her front legs from behind and gently 'walk' her a couple of times in the litter. That's all.
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I have been thinking about making my own top entry litter boxes. It would be awfully expesive(esp. around Chirstmastime) for us to buy 3 top entry boxes. What size Rubbermaid tub is big enough? Twitch is only 8 lbs & Lily is 4, but how knows how big Lily will be! We have quite a few tubs that are 28 gallons or more, but they are really big. I cannot imagine scooping 3 of those everyday!
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i just use a big plastic storage box. the cats can jump in and out as they please.
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I use the 18-gallon Sterilite totes, they seem to be big enough for all the cats, even our big guy Oreo.

I haven't tried to cut a hole in the lid yet, though - I just leave it off. But I'll be natural curiosity will kick in and she'll investigate the box for herself once you put it out for her. Just watch to make sure the hole is big enough, and that she doesn't have any trouble jumping.
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