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Kitty Cries When Going Potty

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I just adopted a kitten, had him a week, so now he is 7 weeks old. I have noticed that when he goes to the bathroom he cries out just before going. When he needs to use the litter he will start crying out and gets in and scratches around a bit then settles in to do his business. He will cry out a couple more times before actually going and then he gets quiet while actually going potty. He doesn't seem to do this when just peeing though. Is this a sign that he has some sort of obstruction? Should he be going to the vet or is this normal kitten behavior, as if to say "leave me alone for a minute while I do my business"?
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Please contact your vet about this. I know they are signs of cystitis, but don't know if they can get them that young. The kitten is also too young to be away from its mum as well.
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it sounds like he is either constipated or has a uti.

take him to the vet
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Originally Posted by booktigger
Please contact your vet about this. I know they are signs of cystitis, but don't know if they can get them that young. The kitten is also too young to be away from its mum as well.
I think so too because of some suckling that he does. The mother cat was adopted out by the humane society before the kittens were though
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we got mav when she was around 7 weeks old and whilst it wasnt ideal she's two years old now and fine if a little over attatched.

with us it was the same sort of thing, get her at 7weeks or she was going to be seperated from her mum anyway and sent to a shelter

you can ask your vet or here on the board for any tips for caring for a very young kitten.
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That is a very young one, will help you find your way with him, but please take him to the vet.
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Some years ago I went to see some kittens and picked out one of them, a little black girl. I got the shock of my life when I got a knock on the door one night and there stood the owner with kitten in hand. She said "Here's your kitten", dumped the kitten in my hands and before I could say anything, she ran down the path jumped into the passenger seat of a waiting car and took off leaving me speechless.

That was Topsy. She was barely 5 weeks old

I quickly discovered she wasn't weaned and couldn't even lap. Now, as most of us know, cats are amazingly clever animals. Along came Blue, one of my Toms, picked Topsy up by the scruff of her neck and proceeded to mother her. He (with help from me) taught her how to lap, eat and use the litter box. He would take Topsy and wash her from head to tip of tail and back again. Poor Blue ended up with bald patches all over his tummy because he would let her "suckle" from him. Well, with Blue's wonderful "mothering", Topsy flourished into a lovely, very affectionate cat. I'm sure Blue knew that she was far too young to have been so cruelly taken from her Mum and took it upon himself to play the role of surrogate mother. I do believe, that if he hadn't, Topsy may well have died.

Here's Topsy now just waking up from having a nap.

and her "surrogate mother", Blue (the grey cat in the pic - the other is Tibs). They are still very close friends and often curl up together.

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thats such a sweet story.
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I have had that happen to more than one of my past male kitties. It was always a UTI. Be sure to get to the vet SOON.
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He is very, very young so it really could be anything. Does he have diarrhea, or did he have diarrhea at one point? That will often cause a kitten to cry when using the litterbox, since it makes his poor little bum so sore.

Regardless, a trip to the vet is in order. If nothing else, he is ready for vaccines and could use another deworming even if they gave him one at the shelter.
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I called to make appt with the vet and when I talked to her she said that she doesn't think anything is wrong. He is eating 3-4 times a day. He is very playful and full of energy. She said if it was a UTI or if he was sick in anyway he wouldn't be so active. She said due to his age he is probably just making noises to get more attention and praise.
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That sounds quite unbelievable actually. I have a cat with cystitis, and apart from him peeing in odd places (up curtains, up the bath etc) you wouldn't know there was anything wrong, he is still active, playing, eating etc. Cats hide their pain well as it is a survival mechanism. I would still take him regardless as if nothing else, he should be registered, and vaccs/wormer/de-flea treatment discussed.
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I agree with booktigger. The ph of his unine should be tested to know for sure.
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