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After Pregnancy

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Hey guys

My cat Sooty, had a litter a few weeks ago. We used to live in the mountains where it was a lot colder then here in Sydney (where we now live) now that we have moved she seems to be sleeping all the time under the bed or on the table and rarely makes it to the litter. And when she does go to the 'bathroom' (read: the floor grr!) the defecation is orange in color

Is she lackign nutrients from after giving birth or is it just a climate thing?
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Does she have a fever? Did she pass a plecenta with each kitten? Sometimes cats get very sick after giving birth if they retain the placentas. You should have her checked out by a vet if she's lethargic after giving birth.
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What are you feeding her?
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I live in Brisbane and have noticed that my Sibyl has been doing the same thing, maybe it's just bacause of the heat?

Her poo isn't weird but she won't go in the box once she's peed in it, little bugger!
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Hi DragonflyG, welcome to TCS.

What you're describing in your mother cat is not normal and she needs a vet. After giving birth, a mumcat should have energy, be bright-eyed and eating well. You need to feed her a good quality kitten food while she is nursing so she gets lots of vitamins and nutrients. If she is too weak to make it to the litter-box, there's definitely something wrong. Even if the weather is very warm, she shouldn't be affected by it like this.
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Agreed - she needs to see the vet immediately. A mother cat should be alert and have a good appetite and just look like a healthy cat. Anything other than this is a sign of something possibly serious.
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