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What type of litter after cat is neutered?

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I had my 1 year old Mavro neutered today. The people at the clinic recommended we limit how much he jumps, runs so the stiches stay in place. We have a dog kennel that is about 2.5x4.5 feet, just enough to fit a small litter box and a fluffy towel so he is comfy.
They told us not to use normal kitty litter, but to use shreded up pieces of newspaper because the dust in the litter can cause an infection. I right away figured that my cat would not use it, and so far he hasn't, even after he just ate quite a lot, and drank water. He hasn't uriniated, or done number 2.. I dont think he knows he is supposed to use the new small litter box that has shreded up napkins in it. Any advice on what I should do?
And should I keep water and food in his cage with him?
It realy hurts me to hear him crying because he wants to leave out, but as soon as I let him out he tryes to jump and climb something.
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There are two types that were recommended to me - which one your cat will use will depend on him. Some of my cats like Yesterday's News, which is essentially recycled newspaper clumps, but it gives him something more to dig in than just regular shredded newspaper.

The other is Feline Pine, which my cats love, and I used after Tryon's spay.

If you only had him neutered today, keep an eye on him to make sure he uses the litter box at some point, but I wouldn't be overly worried if it takes him a while. Usually it takes 12 to 24 hours for the anasthetic to wear off completely and in that time period some cats aren't in the mood to use the litter box.

This is just my opinion, but the cage might be a little small for him. Because he just had surgery and he's not feeling well, he's going to want to be somewhere he knows where he's comfortable. I locked Tryon in my bedroom by herself when she was spayed and she spent her recovery time sleeping on my bed... and I think it helped, because that's where she's used to sleeping so it kept her calm. Is there a room you can keep him closed off in that he likes to be in?

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I don't put mine in cages after a neuter and have never had a problem. They are groggy at first and can't jump, and since their stomach's are empty they generally don't use the litter pan for about 24 hours.
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So you guys dont think I should have him caged? If you think the people at the clinic are just being very very cautious, then I am willing to take him out of the cage. I hate to see him in there.
I checked his litter box in the cage, and it wasn't used. I let him walk around while I followed him making sure he wouldn't jump, and he would go to one litter box that is filled with napkin shreads, go inside, meaow, then walk to the other side of the apartment to the other litter box(which is empty) smell it, meaow, then go out, walk around trying to find a good place to pee. I would call him trying to get him to come use the litter box with the shreded napkins, and at one point when he got in it, he even sqauted down ready to pee, but I guess he decided not to.
He then walked around for another 5 minutes and pee'd under the sink on the cement. I just cleaned up the mess...Do you think stores like Petmarts and Petco would sell Yesterdays News and Feline Pine?
So you think I should let him out of the cage? thanks
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I'd let him out of the cage and just keep him confined to a room where he can be comfortable and can't get into too much trouble. The cage seems overkill to me. Just keep an eye on him, and occasionally check his stitches, but I've never kept a spayed or neutered cat in a cage. I just kept them seperate from the other animals so they didn't get into a spat and they did fine.

Petsmart sells both feline pine and yesterdays news, but the one by me only had large bags. I picked up Exquisicat Pine at Petsmart for $4.99 because it was the only one in a small bag and it's the exact same thing as Feline Pine.

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We were using SwheatScoop litter before and after Bijou came home from the "operation" and had no problem - same with Mika. We have since switched to World's Best Cat Litter.
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I have never used special litter after a spay or neuter, and we have never said that to a client either.
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Thanks for your replys. I just came back from the Petstore and got him one small bag of Feline Pine, and one small bag of Yesterdays News. I poured both bags in the two litterboxes, and he used the one with Yesterdays News.
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