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I said "let there be light" & there was!

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I do not mean to offend anyone with this post.

It has been a long running joke that I can predict how long the power will be out for. It has been raining all night & it recently switched over to snow. The power went out, came back on, went out, came back one, & finally went out for awhile. I said the power would be back on at 11pm & I was right! I was standing in the middle of our "great room"(living room/kitchen with no doorway between) & I declared "let there be light!" Lo & behold the power came on right then! I felt so special! It would have been much better if it didn't scare me. I jumped when it actaully came back on. I have been doing the "let there be light"routine since I was a little kid & I have always stuck with it. I am usually right. My parents say that I am possesed.

When I was 5, my big brother being the big brother he was, told me I was Jesus & could control when the power came on. I really thought I was until my grandma explained to me that I wasn't Jesus & why I couldn't be Him.

We did call the power company, but all of the lights in the town we live right outside of were out as well. The phone lines at the power co. were busy. That's what we get for lving outside of a town where 97% of the population is retired. Cranky old ladys with cold bones yelling at the power comapny!

Just my little adventure for the night. I was actaully quite disappointed when the power went out. I was on my way down for my nightly fix of TCS & knew I couldn't sleep without it. Look what you have done to me! I cannot live without this site! I think it's .
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I bet that was quite an experience for you!

My other half, Tybalt, has this knack for walking under street lights or looking up at them, and they go out! It's weird. Kind of the opposite of what you can do.
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