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Question about feeding...

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Up until a few weeks ago I had two cats who ate the same food, I gave them dry cat food and kept their bowl full so they could eat when they want. My cat, Oliver passed away and I have adopted a new kitten, Max, about 5months old. My other older cat, Sydney, just had a UTI and the Dr suggested giving her a urinary tract type food. So now Max and Sydney are eating two different types of food. How should I handle this so I know that they are only eating what they are supposed to be eating. I have only ever fed dry cat foot on an always available basis, so I don't know how else to do it. I would really love to hear your suggestions or what you would do or how you feed your own cats.

Thanks so much!
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try to schedule feedings where both eat at the same time while you are present... I am still learning how to do this...
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What is the brand of UTI food? If it is a normal brand that helps for UT health then you can just feed them both the UT Health food. I have 7 cats and when one got a UTI, I switched them all over to the food, and ended up feeding it to them for a long time until I switched again. At 5 months, the baby should be on kitten food though really unless he is overweight or something.

You might just have to feed them a small bowl a few times a day. A serving size is only about 1/2 cup per day or around that so don't overfeed them. Just have to do it seperately in different rooms.
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