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Whiskey-Jellicle Cat

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Hi! I'm new to the forum and the 'cat owners of the world' group.

I'm trying to find out exactly what type of cat I own. I was told that he was an American Shorthair as are his parents, but I find him kinda fluffy.

Please take a look at Young Master Whiskey and tell me what you think. Thanks.

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I call him a domestic medium hair. He is an adorable orangie!
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I'd say medium, also. It seems the divisions between short, medium and long are pretty much a matter of personal judgment. I'm sure you can call young Whiskey medium if you want.
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Thanks for the input. Now I know what to put in the 'breed' spot on his emergency sheet for his blizzard bag.
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I agree with the others..and he is sooo cute!
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Originally Posted by joecool
I call him a domestic medium hair. He is an adorable orangie!
I agree with this! Definitely not an American Shorthair.
He is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and looks soooo soft!!!!!
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His coloring (on his arms ecspecially) remind me of my Garfield.
Garfield has long hair though. Well, the bottom of him is all long hair, the top of him is kinda medium. LOL
Everyone who meets Garfield is just in love with his tail. Its like a big of fan made of hair!! LOL

And yours is just a beauty!!!
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What a pretty kitten! Part of his "fluff" might be cause he`s still a baby...but he looks like a medium haired kitty to me too.
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Big-Cat-Fan, if my Whiskey really ends up looking very much like your Garfield which I think he might, do you think he could have been cloned by aliens in his sleep? LOL

Exactly how large is Garfield, since Whiskey is 5 mths and already starting to brush the top of his large cat carrier which is 12" high and for a weight max of 20 lbs. Will I have to get a new new carrier?

I must say that while I knew there were quite a few cat breeds I never realized how beautiful they all were until I joined you all here.
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Whiskey is adorable!! The first thing I thought was that he looks very much like Garfield.
He also resembles my Rainbow Bridge baby, Sunni. I love those orange fluffballs!!!
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Whiskey's so sweet... he's holding on to a candy cane between those paws of his lol!

I never knew there was such a thing as a medium hair, thought there's just long or shorthair.

Whisk definitely isn't a shorthair Shorthairs never have that much fluff even when they're kittens I should think... unless it's different in colder countries...
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