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Muzzle law

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With all the news about dogs attacking people, especially young children, I was wondering if they should make it a law that in addition to dogs requiring to be leashed when outside, that the dogs be muzzled? I think its better.

This weekend, a two year old child was attacked by a shepard mix. The dog was being walked by two girls and was on a leash. The child survived. The dog was taken to animal control but was realised back to the owners. The owners don't know why the dog attacked the child because normally, he loves children.

What do you guys think?
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I definatly do not agree with a muzzle law nor would I if it were only to apply to certain breeds(Not saying you said this in your post but it has been talked about in the news.)

I own 2 dogs. A Labrador and a Rotti/ridgeback mix. I would hate to think my 2 well behaved and socialized dogs would have to wear a muzzle in public all because of a few people who are irresponsible dog owners.

I do agree with leash laws and in certain cases if the dog has bitten people in the past or has aggressive tendencys then yes the dog probably should wear a muzzle in public but as for the general dog population, I think it would be unfair to responsible dog owners and their dogs.

In most cases(I will say most since there are a few exceptions) "dangerous" dogs make their risk factor known. I have met many many dog owners whos dogs have bitten them, their child, growled, snapped ect. and brush it off as a one time incident. The signs are usually there but the eyes aren't always focused enough to see them.
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I agree with bad habit, I think that only the dangerous dogs should have to wear muzzles. I don't think that its fair for responsible dog owners to be forced to muzzle their dogs.
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I agree with leash laws for dogs, but I have heard that if dogs are kept too confined they become aggressive. Maybe if people took the time to make sure they took their dogs for walks and gave them plenty of exercise, it would help cut down on some of these attacks. A muzzle should be worn if it is indicated while the dog is being taken for a walk.
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I don't agree with muzzles at all! I think they are inhumane. Leashes are fine and if the dog has bitten in the past, the owner should possibly keep the dog on a shorter leash either when passing people on the sidewalk or at all times. While it is horrible that children/adults are being bitten by dogs, what are some of the circumstances under which theses people were hurt?? Could the child have provoked the animal in any way? I know there are "freak" cases where the animal will jump over a fence or such, and attack a passer-by. But could the other cases be because the dog felt threatened in any way?
I also think that dog owners should take their dogs to obediance school to teach the animal good behavoir. The problem with the attacking dog is due to bad ownership(in my opinion). And if the dog that attacked someone had gone through proper training, and is treated with love, THEN the animal should wear a muzzle while taking a walk or running out in the yard.
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I think that Dogs shouldn't be Muzzled, No matter what the Breed. Just because 1 PittBull bites someone, or 1 Rottweiler bites someone doesn't mean that they are all going to bite. I think that People should just be more responsible and keep their dogs inside or tied up in the yard with a long chain.
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nena you have to take in consideration that a dog is an extension of their owners. You have a nasty dog, chances are strong you have a nasty owner. Also muzzles are inhumane because it limits a dog's chances to pant (sweat) and can only really be worn for about twenty minutes at a time, before the muzzle has to be removed. In hot weather, this would be brutal to dogs. They do need to get rid of the long leash that extends so far IMO and go back to just short leashes where you have more control. But obedience classes are a must for all dogs and owners as it helps the dog to socialize and the owner learns the proper way to control a dog.
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