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Meet my new niece!

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My fur-niece that is! My SIL just adopted Clara 2 weeks ago. She is 8 weeks old and just too cute! Clara was named after my 3 year old niece went to see The Nutcracker. They are good buddies and Emily is very gentle with her. So here is Clara!

Clara says "Hi TCS!"


"Does this Dude smell like what I think he smells like? *sniff* *sniff* Yep! Foreign cats! Now I must go mark my territory!"

"Ok, maybe your not so bad Dude, but you still smell like you brought another kitty into MY house! Now put me down!"

"I'll get you zipper!"

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He's a wee cutie!
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Hello Clara!!, you are so cute
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Clara is such an adorable little girl!
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Clara, you are just adorable!!! Awwwwwwwwwww
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awwwww sooooo sweet!!! lots of snuggles sent from us!

Val,Salem,Isis,Ailey,Nahima,Missy,& Buddy
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She is darling, the peek a boo picture is my favorite!
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Oooooooooooooooh how sweet is she!!!

Clara your gorgeous!
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Clara is adorable!!!
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Hi Clara!!!´re soo sweet! ......
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ADORABLE little fuzz-butt!!!! Can I have her, pleeeeeeease?
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oh.. she is precious in that house!!!!!!!!!
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Awwwwwww hi Clara you sweetie!!
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