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My cats eartips are drooping! Please help

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Hello. I have been searching the internet for a reason why my 2 year old cats eartips would suddenly start drooping! She is a healthy 2 year old black tiger long haired indoor cat. In the past week I have noticed just the very tips of her ears are drooping, basically folding over! If they continue at the rate they are going, she will have totally flat ears in a couple of weeks. Her diet has not changed, her enviroment, nothing. The ONLY thing has been we wormed her about 1 1.2 weeks ago. Just a regular wormer from the vet that we do twice a year, though this was a new brand. It is the only thing I can think of. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this serious enough for a vet visit? Any advice would be great. Thank you.
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It sounds like you need to take your kitty back to the vet.

And to anyone who can answer... is it a pretty normal thing to have cats dewormed twice a year? I've never had to worm a cat that much. But then again, mine have always been inside cats. Anyway, just curious!
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Could it be dehydration? Try pinching the skin at the back of her neck up, and see if it pops right back. If not, she is dehydrated and needs to see a vet immediately. Definitely call your vet either way, because I have never heard of cats ears drooping!
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Is your cat shaking its head alot? Do the ears look swollen at all? The only thing I could find on drooping ears is from hematoma which are usually caused by alot of head shaking and it usually is only in one ear not both. I would probably ask the vet about this one.
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Aside from the tips "folding over", do they look kind of wrinklely? I took one of mine to a vet, and he had the same problem with both ears and the vet told me it was "Cauliflower Ear" like the fighters get. This happened to Norman when he slid off the back of the sofa and got wedge between the wall and sofa. In other words he broke the cartilege in both ears from this one fall. He's fine, needed no medication, and i was told it won't affect his hearing. Good luck.
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I don't know if this is of any help, but I came upon your post given I was myself researching into some unexpected behaviour with my own cat, Mengmeng.


Mengmeng is just under two years old and, this morning, she was sitting on the window ledge listening to the birds, when the very tips of her ears began bending, markedly, both forwards and backwards.  I had never seen this before.  Clearly it was something she was doing - with or without intention - as an aspect of the function of locating some particular sound.


Consequently, I came on the net looking for information - none found yet.  I don't know if this is an unusual thing with cats, but clearly she has muscles there for a purpose and is using them instinctively.


This is what makes me wonder about the issue with your cat.  If there is indeed musculature there, then there could be something wrong with the muscles in that part of the ears.  That would seem to make sense given that - with Mengmeng at least, and perhaps with your cat - there do appear to be muscles there. 


I'm still researching Mengmeng's own strange and unexpected quirk so, if I find anything out, I'll let you know.

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Even though this is an old post, I thought I'd post our recent experience as this thread resurfaced recently.

Drooping ears are most commonly due to hematoma, low potassium, or dehydration. Though if your cat is on pred, it can be Exogenous Cushing's due to the corticosteroids.
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Take him to a vet asap!   Ear mites, dehydration, ear infection....all reasons that cause this.  Just got back from the vet yesterday.  My cat has this problem.  Do not wait any longer.  

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