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vet visit

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The dreaded vet visit was this morning. Pearl had to have her FLV booster shot and Georgia had to be tested. I was sweating the test, but she is fine. Leo had ear mites, but was otherwise ok. Everybody has to have ear drops for 2 weeks. Now everybody is mad at me! This is the first time in months I have been sitting down without a cat in my lap. Fred didn't have to go, but has joined the others in ignoring me. I am really glad I chose this vet. They now have a vet that specializes in cats. He is a sweetie! He was so good with all of them. After each treatment, he picked up each one for a cuddle and petting. I thought that was so nice. Even Pearl, who is afraid of everyone, seemed to warm up to him a little.
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I'm so glad it went well!!!!
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How wonderful for you to have chosen so well, and how wonderful for the kitties, too!
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I'm glad that you found a good vet.
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Your vet sounds wonderful. It's so great when the doctor takes his time to make his patients feel comfortable.

btw I'm glad Georgia's test was fine. I remember testing Xavier and pacing back and forth waiting for the test to be done. How nerve racking!!
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You're fortunate to have such a loving vet! My vet is a good one too. She'll talk to them, and hold them in her arms, and say such sweet things about them!

It just makes things a lot less stressful for the cat and us as well when our veterinarian seems to actually care!
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