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PEW! It stinks in here!

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So, our house stinks. Literally. It has been foggy outside, so everytime the dogs go out, they come in smelling like wet dog. The litter seems to reek real bad, too. I just changed it yesterday! The fcat ood smells. I think it just smells in general. My bedroom is the worst. There is cat food, cat litter, & I have to keep the door shut to run my humidifier or my skin cracks & bleeds worse.

Am I just being whiney? Probably! My sis & her boyfried are coming tomorrow night or saturday morning & I was hoping the house wouldn't stink as bad.

How do you keep the stink down in your house?

I have been running all over the house spraying Oust ari sanitizer(I locked the cats in the office first-they are sleeping). It seems to help a little. My dad complains when I pluf in any Glade plug in fresheners because it "stinks all girly in my house"! Leave it to him to complain when I try to fix the smell. He is so funny when he comes in to smell the house smelling like Lilacs or rose gardens! I plug in smelly things just to see the look on his face sometimes! Really, is it going to stink in my house forever? I don't mind most of the time, but it seems really bad right now.
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Is there mould behind the walls?
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i put aromotherapry oil on the radiators, when they get hot it evaporates and makes the room smell nice.

scented candles are good too.
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We burn candles...more so recently as we just had one of the pipes snaked in the basement for a backup. (Even though I soaked the basement floor with bleach, still there is an odor).

Anyhoo, yeah, that's what we do. But if its a permanent stench, I would have someone come in and check it out. Is a particular odor like wet dog, wet things (for mold as Fwan said) or is it foul? Or all the above? LOL
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I can only have a certain "level' of animals in my house or else I'll feel the same way...or at least at times. I haven't kept a dog in the house since I was a child in my parent's home. Thankfully I live on the farm and have two outside dogs. Anyway, would opening the windows work...give the dog a bath,hum......use that special freshener that goes in your vacuum.....scrub and clean like a lady possessed.......offer your guests noseplugs???Maybe you can take the dog out on a leash and hurry him/her back in to prevent some of the wet dog smell.........sorry,out of ideas. Good luck! \\
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I use to spray...."OUST"...<---name, brand by jhonson..)is a deodorizant and works!
Natalie, Good luck!
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I use vanilla candles to get rid of the doggy smell, my hubby doesn't mind the vanilla he says it smells like I'm making pound cake.
You are just at the mercy of the damp weather, accentuating the smells.
Try boiling ground cloves and cinnamon on the stove, but turn to very low and don't let it go dry. I have a crockpot that I sometimes use to simmer cinnamon and cloves then I don't have to worry about it burning. BUT then everyone gets hungry for cinnamon bunsLOL
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I doubt it is mold. My parents built a new house to accomdate our family(we lived in a dump) 6 years ago. Our house is horribly dry. I think we have some deodorizing dog powder somewhere that supposedly takes the stink out of the dog, but I don't know.

I am going to have to try boiling ground cloves & cinnamon. If that doesn't work, I know I have Cinnamon Glade plug ins somewhere that makes the house smell christmasy, so I might plug those in & let dad whine. Hey, at least it won't stink like wet dog! Anything is better than wet dog.

Does anyone know of a powder for carpet that might make it smell better? It is possible that a wet dog got on the carpet & that could be the source of the stink upstairs.
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i think its glade that makes those scented oil candle things that go out on their own i have one in every room in the house i love them and they work pretty good to.
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I am always afraid that one of the kitties will burn themselves on a candle.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover
I am always afraid that one of the kitties will burn themselves on a candle.
good point... they also have those candle warmers so you don't have to light them at all ...
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What about the yankee candle tarts?!. I love them and the smell goes all through the house
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you can sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, leave it for an hour then hover up to remove doggy smells.

why not use incense if your scared the cats will burn themselves on the candles?
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I use Arm and Hammer Pet Fresh carpet deodorizer. It's basically the same thing as sprinkling baking soda on the floor, but it's formulated to be easy to vacuum, and it also has "pet hair release", which, amazingly, does work.

It's surprising to me how fresh the room smells afterwards. I think that we don't realize how much odour is trapped in the carpets.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
What about the yankee candle tarts?!. I love them and the smell goes all through the house
I have never heard of a Yankee candle tart. I think the Sterling Drug store near me sells Yankee candles. I will have to see if they carry anything like that.

Tonight, I am going to get rid of the new Swheat litter. I don't think it does much good covering up the smells. I am having mom pick up some Tiday Cats Small Spaces to put in my bedroom. It really did work.

I am amazed that the Arm & Hammer stuff works. For now, I will have to settle for baking soda, unless I catch mom before she comes home.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
What about the yankee candle tarts?!. I love them and the smell goes all through the house
I found a Yankee candle store! I bought three tarts & a thing to burn them. Of course, being stingy, I bought the Christmas one with pine trees on it because it was $10 instead of $20. I do love how it makes the whole house smell good. I bought the Arm & Hammer carpet fresh, but the power went out right after I put it on the carpet. It was there for over 3 hours. I got some of those Glade candles that burn completley away(they are tiny). They burn for 2 1/2-3 hours. I make sreu to watch them when I light them, but otherwise I love them, too. I did dump the Swheat, & that made a big difference. I went to Tidy Cats, but I am going to switch to Feline Pine because I think that has the best ability to cover stink. The good news it that it doesn't stink in here anymore!
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I sent 2 yankee candle tarts to my SS.
Hopefully they got some use.
I love the Christmas Cookie scent.
Makes you hungry for Christmas Cookies.

I got a candle warmer for Christmas from a good friend and I am going to find some good tarts to use with it.
They are great! (with 6 cats)
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