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Hi all. My name is LeeAnne and I am from MA. I have two cats. Emma is 4yrs old (soon to be 5 in June). She is a beautiful red tabby and PJ just turned 4 in March, he is a very handsome long haired black and white cat. Both are my life and mean the world to me. My life literally revolves around them and I am very protective of them. I absolutely adore them. People say I am crazy but there is a reason I that I am like this and only my husband understands. I also had another black and white cat named Peanut. He died on Dec. 23rd, 1997 at six months old from what I was told was FIP. I miss him very much and would give anything to have him back. Now, I am so obsessed with Emma and PJ it's ridiculous :-) I even named PJ and after Peanut. Peanut Junior! He looks just like him. I am even afraid to have kids because I am scared they will be allergic to them. I always say that if that happens my kids will just have to live with my mother! THE CATS ARE STAYING!!!!!! I would rather die than give them up.

Well that is my cat story. I hope I get to chat with you all sometime.
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Hi and welcome LeeAnn! It sounds like you love your babies to death. You're not the only one, so don't worry. We'd love to see pics if you can post some.
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Welcome to the site! Your babies sound beautiful. I think most everyone here feels the same way about their kitties as you do about yours. I know that I do. I am very sorry to hear about Peanut. That had to be devastating.

If you have any questions or concerns, there are some very knowledgable people on the site who can help with just about anything that doesn't require a vet. Come and join us in The Cat Lounge. We love hearing stories about cats, as well as anything else that may be on your mind!
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Hi. Thank you for the welcome. I am so glad I found the site.
Now I can talk to people who will not get sick of talking about
cats! I will try to get some pictures up soon. Peanut's death
was and still is very devastating. It's hard thing to go through.
I will definately be in the Cat Lounge chatting.

Thanks so much!
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welcome! so glad to meet somebody who loves their cats the way i do mine. to be loved by a cat is in deed an honor.
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LeeAnne...Welcome to you. I am so sorry to hear about Peanut!! There is a forum here, called crossing the bridge where you could leave a tribute to Peanut, if you wanted to.
Glad to have you here!
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Thanks for the welcome. I acutally did go to that forum.
I didn't see it until after I was in this one. It was good
to talk about him to people who understand!

Thanks again, LeeAnne
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Hi Leeanne!! What part of Mass are you from? I'm a Cape codder and dtolle and jakenjinx are all from MA too!

It sounds like you are a very dedicated cat owner and your cats are very lucky to have you!

I look forward to reading your posts and hearing about your furries.
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Hi. I am from Revere, Ma. Glad to see someone else is too!
I usually don't see to many. I am very attached to my kitties. They are everything to me. I will try get some pictures up soon. I hope we get to chat more!!

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