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Aggressive Behavior in cat - very recent

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Hi there,

I posted a topic a couple weeks ago about my cat who is extremely aggressive to her kittens after they were neutered. The advice I received was to get her fixed as well - we did that a week ago, and it's not any better. I have 5 cats, who all get along really well, but all of a sudden she is extremely aggressive to the kittens, to me and to the other 2 adult cats. The vet did tell me it may take a bit for the hormones to go away after she was spayed, but does anybody have any advice on how to get her to try getting along with the other cats? She hisses and growls if she even sees them and if I am anywhere near her she will try and scratch me if the other cats are in eyeshot. Any help is MUCH appreciated, this is really frustrating.

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Megan, it is common for the momcat to be aggressive with her kittens. She has done her part, she has nursed them and trained them and left with her they would continue to nurse and bother her. In the wild she would be physically running them off to start a new life.

Her aggression could just be stress. Think about it, she was bred, either on purpose or accidentally and if outside, she was probably approached several times. She went through labor and delivery, was suddenly surrounded by hungry little mouths to feed and kitty butts to clean. She did her job, she was sent to the evil vet to stay for an operation and a spay and she's on overload right now.

I would put her in a room all by herself with comfort items in there as well for a few days. I would burn a comfort zone room diffuser, maybe two, keep the door shut the room quiet and dark and just let her unwind and decompress.

Don't expect her to love the kittens her entire life, it more than likely won't work out that way.
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