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Spring Fever?????

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Last night as I was speaking to my mother on the phone I heard this incredible noise coming from upstairs. Granted Loki has been bouncing off the walls lately, must be spring fever, but this was even too much for that. Within seconds he was literally flying down the stairs, jumped on the railing on the lower (thank god) landing, could not get a grip, slid off the banister, bounced of the glass table on the bottom and hit the carpet.

Scared the $^%$@&^$#& out of me.

I dropped the phone ran over to him to check him out and got this look that said "Let's do it again Mom - that was fun"!!! AHHHHHHH!

Any other babies having spring fever??????
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LOL! I know it wasn't funny when it happened, but I can just see this little Bengal flying through the air. I also know that look!

Trent and Ophelia get pretty wound up any time we open the windows. They haven't really gotten the Spring Fever going yet because Colorado can't decide which season it is! It was almost 70 yesterday, and this morning I went out and scaped ice off my car and it is snowing now. No wonder Trent slept all afternoon and evening last night. Ophelia is starting to get it, though. We played her little string/cord game (I whip is around and she chases it) and she walked away from it. I no sooner sit back down than she is over asking to play again. Silly kitten!
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Both of mine have been acting up the past two weeks. Much more aggressive and playful than normal. Its kind of driving me nuts, they are so noisy. And Sunshine will chase and play with anything at all lately: She even attacked my necklace yesterday while it was still on me!!!!!!
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Kittymitts, the clinic cat has been acting strange. He started smacking at Biggles(A cat we currantly have up for adoption who is kept in a cage at the front of the office) through his cage and they both got into a little boxing match between the cage. Then Kittymitts took off behind a wall and tried to stalk Biggles from behind the wall.

Must be something in the air.
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While we were spring cleaning this past weekend we had all the windows wide open. It was so funny seeing 5 cats try to squeeze into one window openning - there were alot open thru the house, but they all had to be together. They would chitter at the birds and run from room to room seeing what we were doing with the cleaning. It was too funny. They are extra playful - constantly "mommy, mommy, play, play!"
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I think my kitties are starting to get spring fever too. They have been chasing each other around the house frantically and they are extra lovey dovey lately. This morning I was laying in bed after my alarm went off and Boo came and laid down on my back and was rubbing her head against my cheek. It was so cute!
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