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Sam makes a mournful meowrr sound, that gets more intense, faster, and louder and then shows up with a.....glove. This happens a few times a week or maybe not at all for a few weeks. It's been going on for a few years. It's his glove now. We find it in bed a lot of times. I don't know what the glove/sock represents exactly but the first time I heard Sam, I thought he was in distress, only to have him come to me and drop the glove in my vicinity.
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I guess I have weird cats, but they don't meow like normal cats.

Pete has this Rrrowwwlll sound he makes when he is talking to me. Makes me think of a lion just quieter. He usually is just visiting or wanting attention at these times.

Snow growls a lot! I think he is just a grumpy puss because of the girls that have started coming indoors this year.

Angel doesn't meow either. She kind of has a raspy squeak. Sort of like wind blowing through broken glass. Makes it very hard to find her when she is in the back yard.

Leia has this soft little husky mew. Very dainty like her.

Milo is very vocal and insistant. Muueeou! Usually just wants food and a little attention.

Comet is very quiet still but purrs like an evinrude, even when he was near death's door after being squished in the middle of the highway. But not his normal, "I'm gonna rub my scent all over you and you are gonna smell so good" sort of purring and loving. The "Hurt Purr" seems different to me than the "Lovin' Purr", but it could be hard to tell if you haven't experienced it.
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I have noticed that Oits either whines or growls when he is annoyed with me. Like it seems as if he's saying, get me something or whatever. Im not really sure if that is right, but i noticed that he whines when im not moving fast enoguh for him, or he wants attention.
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