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Prayers for "A.J"

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I respectfully ask for prayers for my son's good friend, Andrew James, 19....who everyone knew as "A.J." Sadly, he became lost, and took his own life yesterday morning, leaving behind devastated family and friends. I pray that whereever he now is, he has found the peace that he did not find here.
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I am so sorry. Prayers are with A.J. for peace and with his family and friends for comfort.
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Oh my! That is always so devastating to those left behind.
A good friend of mine lost one of her sons like that last year and it is such a very hard thing to deal with.
I`m praying for them that they will be surrounded by family and friends who love them and that they will find some peace and consolation though this horribly difficult time.
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That's so sad. I'll be praying for this young man and his family and friends.
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Prayers to your son and AJ's family and friends. We've experienced this with one of our friends and there are so many unanswered questions.
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So sorry for AJ......My prayers to him to can found what he looking for...
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