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Anyone have Vonageor other Voice over IP phones?

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How do you like it - do you only have 1 phone hooked to it? or can all the phones in the house be hooked to it?
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I have Vonage had it about 6mths now. I have 1 cordless phone hook to it thats in my bedroom. I like it havnt had any problems with it. It does go out sometimes and i have to reset my modem, but that doesnt take long at all. For the price of it, it works for us.

Good luck
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My downstairs neighbors had Vonage & it was horrible! The phone would go out, sometimes when I called it said that number was disconnected. All and all terrible service for them. They switched back to a regular company now.
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my regular phone company was alot worse that vonage lol, thats y i changed
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My parents have Vonage, with 2 cordless phones hooked up. The only problem is that dialing out can be slow if someone is on the internet. Other than that I've heard no complaints.
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My friend has it on all the phones in his house. No complaints that I have heard.
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We've had vonage for 2 years atleast. No problems, we have 4 or 5 cordless phones hooked to it. We do have one set of cordless phones that interferes with our wireless router on one of our Tivos, but that's because they run at the same frequency! We knew that when we got the router. Still, no problems other than slightly breaking up when you are transfering out of the Tivo and talking on that perticular phone at the same time. (Which isn't very often)
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We've had it since September and love it. We had a slight issue setting it up, but otherwise it's worked...even after we moved. Plus the $24.99 unlimited calls is unbeatable.

As far as I know you can only do 1 phone per Adapter. So if you want to do the whole house I would suggest getting more adapters.
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We have had it for over a year and had no issues at all with it. The only issue I can see with it is when the internet goes out, so does the Vonage but they have it so it forwards to another number in the event that happens. We chose Vonage over others because of customer feedback. It is more costly than the other companies but has better reception and stuff. We love it! For $36 a month we have two phone numbers and a fax line. Plus our families can call us here in Korea for the cost of a local call. We have a phone set that has expandable handsets so we only use one router for four phones in our house.
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I have it and love it. You can actually have three lines per router if you get the newer routers (same price they just offer a few different models). I have mine set up with a phone (with two cordless extensions) and a second line with fax.

Mine has gone out once (and only because the power went out for a few mins and it had to be reset which takes about 10 mins) I sometimes get a busy tone before actually dialling but I hang up and pick up again right away and its fine (and easier to deal with than the bad reception with my previous phone co).

I call England and long distance in Canada/US a lot so its way cheaper for me (my bills are cut in half and I make more calls because I know its cheaper).

We have the business plan for 1500 mins Can/US and a 2nd fax line that has 500 mins a month for $56 for both lines. Our original company was charging us $75 for just the lines with no calls included.
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Originally Posted by Talon
How do you like it - do you only have 1 phone hooked to it? or can all the phones in the house be hooked to it?
If you send me your name and email I'll send you a referral link (I get a $25 credit to refer people) to Packet 8. BY FAR the BEST! I've had them for 6 months now and they are great! Unlimited everything, all the candy, 911 and only $19.95!
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Just remember to do a search for customer reviews on VOIP before you commit to a company.
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we've had it for a month. You hook up a primary phone to a converter thing and put a special attachment on your other phone jacks, it's small. We like it a lot. The cost is about $30 after tax.
post #14 of 14 is a great forum to see what people thought of their vonage
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