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Inappropriate behavior - urinating

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I found this site as I was searching for resolutions to one of my cats urinating problem. Thank you, Hissy and others for your recommendations posted on a thread (since closed).

I have 3 cats, all rescues. My first one, Socrates, is a 4 yr old Snowshoe male adopted from my local county shelter. Socrates has been with me for 2.5 years. Second adopted is Penny, a gray/peach, female domestic shorthair adopted from the local Humane Society. Penny is about 3 years old and has lived with me for 18 months. Last, but not least, is Callie. A dainty little female Calico who is about 2 years old - formerly a feral cat abandoned with about 12 other cats, she has been with me for 13 months. All are fixed.

Socrates, Penny and Callie are great friends. I enjoy watching them play and even sometimes like siblings do...get into little spats.

Until about 2 months ago, Socrates has never urinated anywhere except the litter box. He chose the stair landing which was carpeted. Recently, to cut down on dust, etc., I ripped up the carpet and laid down adhesive tile. The underlay on the stair landing is plywood which I cleaned thoroughly before laying the tile.

For several weeks, Socrates did not urinate in that area then started again. It's just that one spot and right in front of the area where his litter box is.

I will most definitely take the first suggestion and make sure he does not have a urinary tract infection. I would be he doesn't because he does urinate in the litter box too so I don't know why he sometimes goes on the floor.

I keep the litter box cleandaily and empty it completely once a week, clean it with vinegar and put new litter in it. There are 2 litter boxes - one up and one down stairs.

I will try the citrus idea and also the runner (upside down). Hopefully that will help. Any other suggestions for cleaning the area are welcome. Good thing I used self stick tiles as I can replace the soiled ones.

Thanks for all your help and for such a great site.
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Add more litter pans- with three cats, at least have three if not four pans.
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