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I can't find a show cage.

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I'm not a breeder, but I have a Scottish Fold rigistered with TICA that I want to show. The only problem is that I can't find a show cage. Any suggestions of where I could look?
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You can try my favorite resource for anything at all cat-related ...

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I like that site too. I've looked there already, and the only things they have are show curtains.
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Hrmmmm, ok, well then try this one maybe ...

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Thank you so much.
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When you show a cat, the club provided the cages for you - they specify the size for single or double cages in the show flyer. YOU provide curtains or towels for 3 sides, top and bottom of the cage. They provide the litter, you provide the pan.

If you get into showing a lot, then you can choose to invest in a "portable" cage instead of the wire cages.

Call the club that you want to show in and ask the entry clerk for any first time showing information they can send you.

BTW did you buy your cat as a show cat? If not, and you bought it as a pet, it won't be up to standard to show as a champion or altered champion. However, you can put it in the household pet section. Just because the cat is registered in an association doesn't mean it is "show quality"
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I use the zippy cages when I show, and love them!! I like that they come from my home, and only my cats will be in them, and when we get home, they can be thrown in the wash.
My breeder, who is also my mentor went with my to my first shows to help me out and make sure I was comfortable. It was a wonderful time, and I have met many different exhibitiors to help me out and give me advice. If you live close to your breeder, see if she/he will take you to your first couple of shows, they may even have an extra set of show curtains you can use the first time. Also, make sure your registration papers were not marked "not for showing", most breeders will do this, unless selling a show quality kitten.
I will be at a few of the South Central region TICA shows coming up, with my Ragdolls.
Have a lot of fun at the show, and good luck!!

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Oh I'm so glad we don't have to worry about buying our own show cages. The clubs here provide them at no cost or anything.
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The cages are provided here too but you can opt to have your own.

They were selling show cages at the show today. Are the only popular ones the ones with the black mesh on the front? I just don't like those... It makes it difficult for spectators to see the cats. I do like to show off my babies . The ones with clear fronts do look hot.
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Yes, she is a show quality Scottish Fold. I will probably use a provided cage for the first few shows, and if I think I want to show a lot, then I will buy one. Thank y'all so much for your help.
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