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I was so happy that Twitch & Lily were doing what I wanted & switching easily over to wet food(provided I gave them what they liked, they would eat it ). Last night, between the two of them, they ate one pouch of Nutro. Then I gave each of them 1/4 of a cup of dry food(Lily got Nutro kitten & Twitch Innova). Usually, they both eat half of that 1/4 cup, if even that. They both finished the entire thing. Sometime in the night, both of them were bawling on my chest & Lily even brought me the ziploc bag with her food in it. I gave in & fed them each another 1/4 a cup. This went on several times during the night. Eventually, they both managed to eat a little over a cup a piece. This morning, they aren't finishing their Nutro pouch, & when I offered dry food, they nibbled a few pieces of it, but basically declined.

Can cats binge eat? Lily learned her eating habits from Twitch, & Twitch has always been a nocturnal eater. It was hard not to leave dry food out all night because Twitch nibbles at her food(she was angry). She was usually too busy playing of exploring to eat without getting distracted.

Lily has never eaten that much before. I could feel how big her tummy was after she ate each time in the night. Twitch has ate like this before, but she ate really good the next day, too. It was just something she did once in a while. I plan on seeing how much they eat tonight, but would like some other input as well.