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Hi, I was just wondering what is the best type of exercise to lose weight. I have been walking, but I am interested in lifting weights. Should I stick with fat burning exercises until I lose weight or can I do strength training? I found that the school's other campus has a gym and that students with their ID cards can use it for free. I've been getting up at 5:30 and walk for 15 minutes.

BTW, how is everyone doing with their diets? I've been losing a little at a time. I haven't been eating much. Mostly chicken and vegetables. I try to eat high fiber, protein rich diets. I also eat fruit.
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I have been cheating! I have only lost 6 pounds. I have promised myself that as it is now after Easter I am back on my program. I will be using my Gazelle at least 3 times/wk 20 minutes each time. No snacking betwwen meals unless it is vegies or fruit. I am sure I will treat myself once in a while. I eat very little red meat (boohoo). Mostly chicken, pork, pasta, fish. I eat about 3-5 pieces of fruit per day (kiwi, apple, strawberries, oranges, plums, peaches, etc). Carrot sticks are great - I make them up at the beginning of the week and store them in a seal tight container.
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Well I go to the gym at least 5 times a week and was told by my trainer that if you do cardio first (Stair Climber, Treadmill etc. ) that the weight lifting you do afterwards will help burn calories as well because your heartrate is up. On the days that I don't go to the gym I take a nice brisk walk, usually about 2 miles or so- nothing too crazy. I'm so glad its finally warming up around here- lately even on gym days I've been walking the beautiful trail that winds down by the ocean- I always feel so much more energetic when I get out and get moving . Good luck everyone :rainbow:
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Nena10, if you are looking for an at home workout versus a gym, then the TAE BO tapes from Billy Blanks are awesome. High energy, great music, and a hard workout. They are a bit expensive, but are well worth it. ( I paid $79 for all 4 tapes about 2 years ago ).

Cardio is the best way to lose wait. That means aerobics, or a very fast walk, so your heartrate goes up and stays up for at least 20 min. Its good for your heart as well as weight loss!!!

As far as the dieting goes...........well its going. :-) I have lost 7 lbs as of Sunday, and I have quite a ways to go before I get to where I was before my children arrived!!!
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You're right. Aerobics are the best. Just remember what Nena10 said. It has to be sustained. Don't walk so fast that you don't have enough breath to talk while you're exercising. That would make it an-aerobic, and not what you want. Walking is great, but keep track of your heartrate, and increase gradually to raise your rate of metabolism. I got my kids a glider. That prevents the pounding that joggers get. Of course, Spring is here, so you will enjoy walking even more now. I can't remember how to figure your target rate. Can someone else?
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I will try and find out from the web what kind of exercise and how to figure out the rate. Or lets see who can find information first and post it here.
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Found one. Though I couldn't find anything on target rating. I did find a site with a discussion board and such. Here is the link:
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Found two more on yahoo.
Feeling Fat

Women Fitness
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By the way, Jeanie, did you mean target rate or heartbeat rate(pulse)?
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Target heartbeat rate. It varies as you become more and more fit. You mustn't go over that rate if you want to keep the exercise aerobic, and not an-aerobic. (sp?) Anaerobic burns only sugar, not fat. Aerobic burns fat. I'm so lazy. The dictionary is right here.
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Like everyone said, aerobics and walking/running are the best ways to loose weight. I also try to lift weights a few times a week just to keep my muscles toned. I love doing the leg machine where you sit down and your legs are stretched out in front of you in a V shape and you bring your legs together and then back out. It helps to strengthen and tone the muscles on the sides of my upper thighs and also my butt.
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