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My cousin's kids have seen their mother kicked, punched, strangled, thrown down stairs, had her head pushed through the wall, etc. They are only 8 and 12. I know these things because THEY told me. It took my cousin till she was strangled so bad she passed out and didn't wake up till it was hours later before she would leave him. Believe me those kids are emotionally scared. The 12 year old is overweight and has a very low self esteem even though she is so beautiful! The 8 year old thinks hes a man and acts out for attention constantly.

I know your situation isn't this bad, at least not from what you've said here. But it all started somewhere. If my cousin had left him when it was just pushing and shoving the kids might not have witnessed so much. Unfortunately, drinking is not the only problem for her ex, he's that way sober and off drugs.
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and good vibes, and to let you know, I went through it too, 5 years ago. I'm here to talk if you want....
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He's getting out on ROR tonight
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whats ROR?
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Originally Posted by DixieDarlin256
He's getting out on ROR tonight

Oh gosh.....What are you going to do???

I am praying that you and the family are safe....
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Released on own recognisense...promise to return to court
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You need to..end it. As everyone else has said you will get support. but i remember your move in the first place was to be away from him.

And like someone else stated. Kids are like sponges. and if i recall..wasnt one of your sons having some agression issues? they see this behavior..and think its ok....

I will pray for you and your family
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What ever happened here???

How are things? Is he still there and behaving?

Just thinking about this and curious.

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