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Little Dooby died today...

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I am not sure if I am allowed to post this here, and if I am not feel free to remove this.

Today we lost our hamster, she meant a great deal to us and has been through so much in her little life. Her name was/is 'Little Dooby'....and don't ask me how we chosen that name because my fiance did! He has some crazy thing about calling all our hamsters Little Dooby...

This afternoon has been the worst and special time of my life....Let me explain.

It was the worst because we lost our last remaining little hamster but special because I/we got to spend the last few hours with her. We gave her lots of TLC and she spent a lot of her last remaining hours in our hands snuggled up. I/we do help that us being there helped her through it...I am only glad we realised something was wrong and that we were there for her...I don't think I could of coped if we found her dead. I take comfort in knowing we were there with her and she knew we loved her!

Today started off OK, By this I mean nobody was dead. Then in the afternoon my fiance came home from work (luckily he was home at 3pm instead of 6pm!) and he went to check on Little Dooby and then he started to worry. He saw her shaking and not moving much, he picked her up and he could tell it was not good. And just to clarify this little girl never lets anyone pick her up as she is way to active and loves running around the place. He then came up to tell me (I am bedbound) and I told him to bring her up....I saw her and knew she was going to die....I looked at my fiance and started to cry....I didn't want to loose her...I still had a little hope though. The next few hours I/we spent together, I put her in my hands and she snuggled in them. I gave her lots of TLC and I really hope that helped her. She was fighting so much, you could see how hard she was trying and there was points when i thought....she might make it!

But sadly no...after about 4 hours she sadly passed away...but not without a fight I tell you. I couldn't believe she finally went, although I knew deep down in was happening as she was starting to breath less and less. It was this stupid winter and it being so cold that killed her....I hate the winter!!!!

I still can not believe she is gone, she was such a special part of our lives....she may be small but the love she gave was huge. Our day to day lives aren't the same without her...and seeing her do acrobatics in her cage. She was such a lovely little girl and she still had a while to live...why did the winter have to take her away from us?! She has had such a tough life, making it through so much which includes several moves....we had 2 other hamsters and they did not make it through all that but she did...she was/is a little fighter....I just can't believe she is gone...I wasn't expecting it. I am just grateful we could be with her rather than finding her dead. Because when we found our other hamsters we had no warning we just found them and i remember being in so much shock and totally hysterical. At least this time I got to be with her...but its still hard and I miss her so much already. This house does not feel the same without feels so empty.

So my Little Dooby is gone....she has passed and I will never get her back. I still can not get that through my head...I keep hoping when I go to her cage she will be there being small cute lovable and being an acrobat....but that's not going to happen is it?

Tomorrow we are going to burry her, and let her go up in peace. She deserves a nice resting place......

Normally we would take her to the seaside and burry her there...we did this with the others and it was lovely. Now every time we go there we think of her and it was such a peaceful resting place. But this time we can not do that as I am too ill and bedbound. But its still important to me to get her burried so she can rest in piece. So my fiance is going to burry her in our garden. He is going to dig a whole in the garden and get it all set up. Then he will come up to our bedroom, get me in my wheelchair by the window (luckily i look out into the garden from our room) and then we will say a few words with her in a little special box and then I will watch as my fiance burry her. I wish i could be down there with her but I know she will understand....and I am close to her in a way. So tomorrow (or should i say technically today) we will lay her to rest and say our good byes .

Thanks for listening to me, I am very upset about this and I do hope you'll allow this post to stay here.....I know she is not a cat but she is an animal and a very loved one!

I miss Little Dooby so much, and I wish she was still here...I'd do anything to get her back.....

Sad Lost Eva
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I'm so sorry for your loss....I would imagine any loss is ok to post here, IMO....
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Dooby was a pet and part of your life so she's fine here Eva

RIP Dooby
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Oh no, Eva! I'm so incredibly sorry you lost your precious little Dooby. She is such a vital part of your life and will always remain in your heart. What a blessing that you had such special time with her before she left this world to move on to a much better place. She is now perfectly happy and healthy, showing off her acrobatic feats in Heaven!
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im so sorry to hear that a pet is a pet no matter what pet there are i can understand you beeing so heartbroken im so sorry for the pain your going through.
rip dear dooby
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I'm so sorry for your loss, Eva. RIP, Dooby.
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Thank you everyone, all your words mean a lot to me.

Today we are putting "Little Dooby" at rest.....I miss her so very much!

RIP my little baby
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I admit it i'm responsible for the name Little Dooby. She was such an active little hamster and loved her carrot. It wont be the same without her. She may have been small but she was a huge part of our lives. We will be putting her to rest this afternoon,
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When it comes to love...size does not matter.
I believe that Little Dooby is at the Bridge, playing in the sun and that you will be together again some day.
RIP Little Dooby.
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Originally Posted by xDx
She was such an active little hamster and loved her carrot. It wont be the same without her. She may have been small but she was a huge part of our lives.
I agree....perfectly said...I couldn't say it better myself!
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Animals that we care for and love are part of our families. I had a guinea pig, Rosy, who passed away about 2 years ago. They, like hamsters, don't usually have a long life span. I'm sure Dooby sensed how much he/she was loved.
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I'm sorry for your loss. You obviously loved her very much & I'm sure she went to the rainbow bridge, with the rest of her hamster friends, knowing you loved her!
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I'm very sorry to hear that Dooby passed least she was surrounded by those that loved her

RIP Dooby
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Condolences on the loss of dear Dooby. We had hamsters once, quite a few years ago. They are very endearing little animals, aren't they?

Rest in peace, tiny Doobie. You are over the bridge now, where you can sit in the sun and chew on as many carrots as you want!
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So sorry for your loss. I know how it hurts, especially having just lost my kitty Candy on Dec. 27.
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