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My torties

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I have two longhaired tortie girls, Gypsy and Giselle. Gypsy is four years old now, and Giselle is just a kitten. When Giselle first came to our house, Gypsy HATED her. She would hiss whenever she came by and wouldn't tolerate any affection from the kitten. Well, she recently started liking Giselle more and more, and I was a little surprised when I saw these two together today.

Aren't they sweet?
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Aaaww, Gypsy and Giselle, such beautiful little girls! They're so precious!
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I love torties! I have one too!
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What a pair of gorgeous little girls you have
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Awww, your girls are beautiful!!
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They're beautiful!
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They are so adorable
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Such pretty girls! (I'm not biased, of course.)
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Gypsy and Giselleare so pretty!
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what pretty kittys!
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Awww! I bet that warmed your heart.
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Torties are beautiful, and yours are no exception!!
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how adorable
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