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RIP Garfield...

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I'm sure you all remember a few months back when I posted a thread for my friend Nicole... She had lost her dog, Rebel, and I thought that it would help to know that all of our love, support and prayers were with her... Well... I just thought everyone could extend that same support and prayers for Nikki's kitten, Garfield... He unexpectedly passed away a couple of days ago...

R.I.P Garfield

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Aw, how difficult to lose two furbabies so close together. Nicole has my condolences.

Rest in peace, Garfield.
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Oh I`m really so sorry. How hard this must be for her.
RIP little and play over the rainbow with the other kitties who have passed over before you.
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How heartbreaking. RIP Garfield, sweet angel.
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Poor baby

RIP Garfield, have fun over the bridge
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RIP Garfield.
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RIP sweet Garfield.
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What a pretty boy you were.
You were loved. RIP friend Garfield.
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Rest in Piece Garfield!
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RIP sweet Garfield
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My thoughts and prayers are with her..RIP Garfield
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Please send my condolences to Nicole.

RIP Garfield
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Condolences to Nicole on her sad loss of a very beautiful baby boy Enjoy your reward over RB, Garfield - and give Rebel some headbutts for your meowmmy
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I´m so sorry for this unfortunately event Liza... tell to your friend that her pets are in my prayers tonight!

RIP Garfield
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Hugs being sent! RIP dear Garfield
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We are so so very sorry~~ RIP Garfield and peace to her fmaily!
Elizabeth and S3
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So sorry for your loss. I'm going through it, too, having lost my kitty Candy on Dec. 27. I know how it hurts.
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