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Young cat terrorizing pets

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HI. My family got a new kitten about a year ago. She used to be a funny cat that would always attack things, and we thought it was kinda' cute. After she was spayed, it dwindled a little, and now she doesn't attack us as much.

However, we have an older cat, around 8 years old, that she'll never leave alone. it's usually only once or twice a day that we notice it, but she'll attack the older cat. It doesn't look or sound like play, 'cause the older one screams and when the younger one loses grip, the older one runs awy, while the little one still chases her.

Not only that, but the younger cat, the terror, doesn't like our dog, Shadow. Shadow's a 12 year old aussie, who's playful, but never around the younger cat. Even so, the cat still hisses and jumps whenever she realizes that she's too close to him. He doesn't like the cat either, 'cause he always looks away, cautiously, whenever the cat gets close. Kinda' waiting to see if she'll attack him, or not. He never has retaliated, and, other than his large size, I'm sorta' confused as to why she'd do this.

What we're doing right now is whenever the cats are caught fighting, we stomp on the floor and yell "no!" But that hasn't helped at all. is there anything that'll make the little cat stop from terrorizing the other one? and is there any way I can make the cat like my dog?
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Cats and dogs are by nature enemies. You can get them to adjust to each other, but it needs to be done right the first time and it has to be done over time.

Yelling and stomping on the floor will only cause your cat to continue to act out because it causes stress within the cat.

She sounds like a typical kitten with alpha tendencies and they will go after other cats in the house, and unless there is major bloodshed, or emergency trips to the vet, they will sort it out within themselves without our intervention. Sometimes, we intervene because we think it might get out of hand. I live in a multiple cat household (14) and we have alpha wars from time to time, but they burn out. They seem to burn out quicker when we don't pay attention to them as much.

Here is an article about Introducing Dogs to Cats The photo is of our german shepherd dog Brandy with Gulliver his buddy. They didn't start out being buddies, but became buds over time.
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hey, thanks a lot. I now realize that we've been doing the wrong things. this'll help us a lot. Thanks again.
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