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help with new kittens,please

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Hi, I am needing some advice on new kittens. We had planned on getting our cat spayed,but before we could do it she got out and was gone for 2 days... needless to say we now have a litter of kittens. She had this litter on Saturday. It is Callie's first litter and she had 7 kittens. Unfortunately we lost one yesterday, not sure what happened to it, just that when we came home from work there was one that was deceased. My concern now is that maybe the kittens are not getting enough milk and I considered supplimenting their feedings. Would this be a huge mistake and if I did suppliment could I use goats milk or baby formula ( I am not sure if the vet in town carries cats milk.) Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I have always been a cat lover but this is the first litter that I have been envolved in from the beginning. Thanks
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Walmart or Target sells KMR milk, which is for kittens. I'm sure you can find it where you are.

Good luck.
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Ok Thanks I will try that. I hadn't thought of Walmart... having a mental block I guess. Thanks
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It really depends on how well the mom is feeding the kittens and if they are gaining weight. It's still important for mom to nurse her kittens. Most of the time, this is how they gauge when to stimulate them to use the bathroom. There are a lot of things that can happen to a young kitten. If mom's taking good care of them, this one could have been sick to begin with or had some sort of defect. It's possible that they might have a slight infection of some sort. Do all the other kittens seem to be healthy and gaining weight?
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well they are all trying to nurse but there are two sets that fight over the same nipple. two fight for one and two fight for the other but they ignore the other "empty" spots. I talked to the vet today and he thought that 6 kittens were alot for her to feed, especially since they are her first litter. The lady at the vet thought that maybe some of Callie's nipples weren't giving any milk. They did have a supplement milk there and suggested that we feed them maybe 3 times a day so that Callie will still nurse them... I have also been giving Callie some of the milk... the can said you could but the lady at the vet didn't seem to think we should... what do you think? Also , if Callie seems bent on moving the kittens should we let her... there really isn't any other place for her to move them that is safe. Any suggestions?
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The only drawback to giving the milk suppliment to mom is that it may cause runny stools. If you are feeding her kitten food, she should be fine.
Moms usually only move the kittens when they don't feel safe. If you don't already, I would put her in just one room and keep the door closed. I would also make sure she has her own little box, or space for her and her kittens. The more relaxed and quiet you keep it, the less she will move them. Sometimes when they move them around, they can hurt them on accident so it's best to reduce the amount she does it.
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Thanks very much... I am trying it... in a few days I will post pics of the babies... they are beginning to open their eyes... again thanks alot.
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