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Update on Autumn

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Went to the vet, and it was funny cuz on the way there, the radio was
playing "God has not forgot" so I had some good vibes going for me.
Well, we went in the vet noticed how lethargic she was and that she was much older then what the adoption papers told me (5-6 yrs instead of 1).
I thought she was about 2. Anywho, the vet noticed her gums were a little orangey looking and she had lost a pound in 1 wk!
They did some blood work and came to find she had a infection in her liver.
So not only was she much older than I thought but she had a liver dieases!
They were willing to help out even though it was gonna cost a lot but in the end my dad made the call and decided it was best to just take the cat back since she's old and sick. He was p/o because he couldn't belive that the very place where I volunteered allowed me to adopt a cat that was not only middle aged but very sick.
I didn't want to part w/her. I felt like an awful person.
But she was sick and it would cost so much and both my parents felt
it would just be wrong to keep a sick cat and have it suffer.
So we stopped at the home and I couldn't even look at her.
I called up the shelter and from there we stopped at my mom's store to tell her about the cat and I was trying not to cry infront of her but it was too much. Mom of course agreed it was best not to keep a ill cat so after that, we went to the shelter and thats when I said "good-bye".
The vet seemed surprised as if she wasn't suppose to be up for adoption so soon. I tried not to cry as I gave her one last rub. Couldn't even tell her good-bye.
It just hurts so much. I feel like I didn't even try I just "gave her away".
And I know I'll never find another one like her.
My dad keeps saying we'll get another cat , one thats about 1 yr or 2 but I feel like I failed Autumn.
I mean hear all these stories of how people spend hundreds for their babies.
I feel like a bad mother. Even if she was old I still she have stood up for her more.
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*hugs* I'm so sorry.
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You have to abide by your parents rule, and you did. I am sorry they fooled you into thinking you were adopting a younger healthy cat- the shelter, not your parents. I have heard of that being done in order to push the older sicker animals out the door. It is a horrible decision to have to make any way you look at it.
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Thanks. I'll be more careful next time when choosing a cat.
I'll just cherish the days I had w/her.
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Wow, is that ever sad! I am 43, and I still remember when I was a kid, probably about 13 y/o, and we adopted an Irish Setter puppy. We named him Sean. After 4 days, it became clear that something was wrong, and the vet found it was a heart condition.

I wanted to keep him, but my parents insisted on returning him to the breeder, who gladly took him back. It was a condition that was treatable, but my parents insisted we would just be more heartbroken down the road by keeping a puppy who would not have a full life. We later adopted an Irish Setter named Bridget, who I loved with all my heart, but I still remember how I missed little Sean, and regretted not keeping him.

I think your parents included your heartbreak in deciding to return Autumn. As much as you fell in love in the short time you had her, having to watch her deal with an illness would be extremely painful, too. And the shelter will hopefully provide full vet care, so she has the best chance to recover.

I am very sorry for your loss. I fully understand your feelings of grief at losing Autumn. As a young person, I understand it was not your choice but that of your parents. Like the song you heard, God has not forgot, and you will not forget Autumn. Just because things don't go our way, doesn't mean God isn't there, ok?

As for being more careful, of course you will try. But often, you cannot tell just by looking at them. Do your best, and also get an early vet check. I'm sure your next kitty will be healthy, just like my Bridget was. And your love for the new kitty will not replace Autumn, but be a continuation of that love.

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Thank you.
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You are a wonderful mother! Do not even think that! You did the best you could for her! ***hugs***
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What a terrible thing to happen. You did all that you could do though in your current situation. I'm very sorry you had to part ways with her.
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Thanks guys
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I don't think I could handle giving up any of our kitties. Well cats. You did all you could though. I never knew or thought that animal shelters would do such a thing. But it would have been harder in the long run to see her suffer. *hugs*
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