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Fred escaped!

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I was trying to get out the door with my hands full, and Fred slipped right out past me, the little stinker! We live right behind the tattoo shop where we work and it is on a busy highway. I kept him in sight for most of his little run, but then I saw him run toward the parking lot. I lost sight of him! I left the back door of the shop open, hoping he would get curious. It took him about 5 minutes to come strolling in like he owned the place. I shut the door behind him and he just sat down. I guess he knew I had him. I picked him up to take him home, and he made the funniest grumbly noise all the way there. He sat on the end of the couch for the rest of the evening, giving me the dirtiest look you ever saw! He still wasn't "speaking" this morning until he got his breakfast. 13 years old and still a brat!
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I'm so glad he came back! I was a little nervous when I saw the thread name. In the thread "Why cats are better than men" one of the points was that cats don't hold grudges. :laughing: Guess Fred proved that one wrong!
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Our Fred has turned into quite an escape artist too. I'm going to have to get him a flea collar, he spends an hour outside with Blackie almost every day now. I SO wanted him to be an indoor cat, too, bummer.

I wonder if it's the name? Maybe if I named him after a furniture manufacturer he'd feel more like he belongs indoors . . .
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I'm so glad that Fred came back. I was worried for a minute that you still couldn't find him. Hopefully he won't do that again and scare you half to death. I think thats too funny that he won't talk to you lol.
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I am so glad he came back!!!!!
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He did it again! There as a noise outside, and when I went out to see what it was, he ran right past me. It took me a few minutes, but I finally caught him. Actually, he let me catch him. He flopped down and started rolling around on his back. He looked so happy I hated to make him come in. I wish I could let him go out, but I just can't take the chance. He's old and sometimes get confused. He is sitting at the door howling! It is SO pitiful.
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Poor Fred, I'm glad that he didn't run very far!
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What if you go outside with him? Blackie (and his mom Patches when we had her) follows me if we are outside together. Would Fred stay with you? It doesn't sound like he's trying to get away, just have a little roll in the grass.
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Spring has a way of making everyone (cats included) feel young again. 2 of my cats always try to escape out the back door when it is openned - never the front though. They run only so far then stop and stare all around and roll. If we have the nerve to sit out back without them they will sit at the door or back window crying to get out. It really sounds like their heart is breaking. We will take them out in the back yard sometimes with supervision - only 3 like it though. They also get out on their leash occasionally - cats walk you - you don't walk them. I am sure Fred is just feeling young again.
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Maybe you could try leash training him. It sounds like he would love it! If only we could explain to them that this medieval torture device is really just so they can go outside with us....
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I think I'll try going out with him after evening traffic has slowed down. He has never been one to wander far, and he wants to go out so badly. I think he will stay with me if I wander with him. There is a big field on the other side of the shop, I think it will be safe for him to run around there. If I get one of those wands with the suede tassel, he will stay right with me and we both can get a little exercise.
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