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Help. Grey being picked on. What to do?

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Maj. Grey got in a MAJOR fight with a cat in my
yard. It happened down a sewer, and I heard
the most AWFUL noises.

I have not yet seen
Grey, tho the other cat appeared later in the night -
he's owned I believe (possibly not fixed?). Other
cat seemed fine.

He (the owned cat) is being very aggressive -
but apparantly the neighbors female calico cat
is after him! My Lexi keeps him in check sometimes
too if he tresspasses to far to the yard, but is a bit scared
of him I think.

I don't want Grey to not eat, or use the shelters
I set up, and this cat is out in all weather - tho
mostly daytime/early eve. At night night time
he is in, and if very cold also.

Anyway - I've used water and chased it away
from the yard (to scare) and hope (fingers crossed!)
Grey is NOT injured badly and will return to the
food tonight. He was NOT there this am

Very worried about him. Don't want him to be like
Hissy's Clio!! Am thinking I should trap neuter
and keep in till spring.

But am thinking too.. he and other cat may sort it out.

(Grey is a love ball, very non aggressive, and
this cat and he were sitting not fighting
until this cat chased him and lit into him...)

Advice anyone?? The owner's cat has probably
had fixed - but I could check for that and
trap and fix it (and I will too if I
check it out and see it is not fixed!).
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I spent $160 on two major vet visits for Will before I got him neutered. I would say get Grey in to the vet as soon as you can, and get him done! Then keep him in for a few days to recuperate, and he will be fine going back out. He will be seen as less threatening to the other tom once he is neutered.

I was able to get Will and his nemesis Tommy neutered, and haven't had any fights since. Maybe you can ask around about the other cat, and if he isn't owned trap him and get him neutered, too.

Good luck with Grey
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As much as you care for Grey just get him trapped and get him neutered. If you can, get the other cat neutered as well. Toms fight, they are strongly alpha, and out in the open they want all the territory they see. Cleo is doing just fine. He is still sleeping under the abandoned barn down the road, he is healing up well and coming in to eat three times a day. BUT he has been neutered for 10.5 years too. Even non-aggressive cats will be challenged by toms. It is the nature of the beast.
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Thanks all. I think I will have to arrange for help and trap
neuter now. We are having a warm spell then cold again
next week. And I am worried about his health - if he's
been bitten and abcessed...

(I have alot of experience
of battle wounds and bites and treatment thereof...
esp with my old Diablo - tho neutered he was definitely
a strongly Alpha cat, AND at 16 lbs a big guy...several
puncture / bite wounds, couple of abcesses with drains, lots
o' Baytril, etc etc etc...)

The aggression is on the part of the "tame" cat -
not Grey. Grey doesn't ever act aggressive -
he's a go along get along cat. For a tom,
I am amazed that he's pretty non agressive!

I am worried tho, since i've not seen him since
the fight on tuesday afternoon. He was not
here for am breakfast, nor did I see him coming
in to eat later at night Wed or Thursday (today).

(I did see the little possum coming last night tho, LOL!)

I will keep an eye out tonight again, if he comes it might
be later in the evening... round 11 pm or so. When
its good and dark and he feels "safer".

I just want to make sure he's okay and not injured
badly. And of course, hope that he still "trusts"
me to "help" him, and come inside the house when
it gets cold next week...

I'll keep you all posted. I am going to talk to my
friend with the trap tonight or tomorrow...

cheers and again, many thanks. Maj. Grey doesn't
*know* what a great home he's got waiting, LOL.
Cream, bacon, roasted chicken... warm dry beds
with no "interference" so he can sleep!
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