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PMing mods

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I have a lot of questions for mods, but i cannot use PMs for another 4 years.... worse, not all mods give their emails. I have no problem with the rule, because many minors do act irresponsibly.

But with the "minors PMing" rule, could it not be relaxed between the person and the mods? The mods are the ones that stop innapropriate activity, so surely there is no danger of that between the mod himself/herself and the minor?

Just an idea.

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Although your idea has merit and would make it infinitely easier for the moderators to PM the minors and vice- versa, it is not possible to do without setting this up specifically. We are not in the position to be able to do so. From my understanding, it would be quite involved.

You are welcome to email any moderator at any time with a list of questions

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Please feel free to email me any time, Wesley, at
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Wesley, you have my email address, and can contact me if you have questions. For others without PM privileges, my email for site-related matters is jcat.tcs at googlemail dot com.
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I think you have mine, too, Wesley, but for anyone else without PM privileges...

rapunzel47 at wizworks dot ca
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There is also a "Contact Us" link at the bottom of each "page" that everybody can use to email.
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I can be reached promptly at dawnofsierra at yahoo dot com
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Ok, i see it would have to be fancy changes, and not an option. Thank for all the contact info. Maybe you should bookmark this thread so everyone could email the mods?
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If you have questions, hopefully most of them could be posted as threads. You know the old saying, if you have the questions, odds are someone else does too.

If you are unsure of a post already on the boards, we encourage all members to use the Report Post feature to alert us.
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Ok, thanks. Does the report thread thing give you a chance to tell why?
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Originally Posted by joecool
Ok, thanks. Does the report thread thing give you a chance to tell why?
Yes, it does. It sends the direct link to the post to all of the moderators of that particular forum, along with your comments on why you reported the post.
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Please also, as a favor to us. Anyone reporting or questioning threads, make sure they are current threads and not older ones that have been archived. If they aren't in the general flow of current on the board, then don't worry about their content. We really try to keep the history of the board as intact as possible, and those who dredge up 2-3 year old threads will often find their posts deleted, just so the thread can remain where it needs to be, in the archived history of this board.
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unless it's about a breed of cat like toygers I remember googling toygers and getting a result for the catsite, I posted even though the last post was like a year before but it wasn't deleted.
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Wesley (and anyone else ) here's mine.

The time i'm normally on is during the day(UK time) when i'm at work, but i check my e-mails at home from there as well.
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