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Hi Everyone,
Well, I'm a carpenter and I'm renovating my home; which meant I had a lot of work in the patio that required fixing the windows that the cats were used to jumping in and out of to gain access to the outdoors (unless good old Mom was there by the door to let them out) So, I fixed the windows...Thank God this project is almost done! I also put in a new kitty door. It's large enough for a small dog. I wanted it that way so they wouldn't be so timid of it. I figured I would introduce them to it with no problems; a few pushes through a couple of times...yeah right...seems like they think that's the way it's supposed to be done. Any suggestions. The raccoons have the hang of it already. Same with Popeye...he's the opossum..
Thanks in advance
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I took two thumbtacks, and I bent the door up and tacked it to the main door (leaving an opening) I left it that way for about a day, then I lowered the door, and they were so used to going in and out, that they just went through it like no big deal mom!
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Dear Hissy,
I love it! I did do that for a couple of days, but I didn't give them enough time...your're so right. I shouldn't expect to be trained so quickly. I should remember my place...well, thanks for reminding me!
Love ya,
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Give them a few days. Don't push it and they'll get the hang of it pretty soon. It took my Gezer 3 days to learn to use the cat flap and it took Mishmish 8 days!
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Dear Anne & Hissy,
It's now been about five days...I think...I can't keep track...no one likes it!!! What am I gonna do! I can't stand watching their precious little faces through the window......"Mommy, let me in/out"...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I'm such a sap! If I could fit through the door I'd show them how to do it. Hissy/Anne, even with the door open, they won't go through it...it's like they're scared because they can't see what's around the bend or something. I don't understand...??? Should I keep this thing up for another two weeks then rip my hair out? I guess so...I'll see what happens and let ya'll know unless you have a better idea.
Thanks for your replies.
God Bless You & Yours,

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Maybe some extra motivation...lift the flap up and hold some of thier favortite food on the other side???????I dont have any outdoor cats, but this was the first thing to come to mind.
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Dear Anne, Hissy & Sandie,
Okay, you should see how each and everyone of them have their own little way of attempting this incredible feat (or should I say feet)...oh boy, I'm getting out the Digicam on this one!
Finally, the day has arrived! Thanks for all of your advice...Sandie, I didn't have a chance to work on yours (Thank the Good Lord) Okay, I guess it was on their terms...it was only one more day that they wanted to see me flip out I guess...oh well, they came, they saw, they conquered (as usual).
God Bless To All!
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Congratulations!! I am sure it was quite a sight to see!!
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Dear Cat,

Sorry I caught this thread so late. I have a friend with a cantankerous 18 year old cat, who is more set in his ways than you can imagine.

She came into some money and installed a cat door too. Same problem. I told her to use one of those suction cups and a little hook to hold the flap up on the above sliding glass door. I think she rigged up the thing using a "chip clip" on the flap, attached to the suction cup.

Finally old Pinky got the hang of it, and he is about blind, can't hardly hear anymore, and has bad arthritis. Only trouble is: he won't use it if the flap isn't held up, so the rigging stays. He still wants out the front door too.
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Dear Deb,
Awwwwww......poor Pinky...he sounds just like my Kadaffi...thanks for the input....When these guys finally responded, I thought I was seeing things, it was pretty funny...what's really funny is each of them has their own little way of doing it! What a piece of work this is going to be when I get all of their antics edited.
Take it easy
God Bless You & Yours

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