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Need lots of advice

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Rescued a another kitty the day after Christmas (late Christmas present ). He was smushed in the middle of the highway (poor baby) and I won't go into all the awful details. I didn't really think that he would make it, but he is improving day by day.

Vic named him Comet. He is a black & white tuxedo kitty with lovely green eyes and he purrs like an evinrude. He is turning out to be a real lover, but he still has a long way to go on the road to recovery.

He has a broken, mangled front paw and appears to have some muscular control issues (possibly broken pelvis) and is very weak. He began eating and drinking late yesterday and is peeing, but hasn't pooped yet. He is gaining mobility as time passes by.

Can anyone recommend a really nutrious diet of soft food because his mouth was messed up too with cuts, missing teeth and a broken fang. I am pureeing moist food and adding water and spoon feeding at the moment. How about raw eggs or milk or gravy?

I did take him to the vet, but they said put him to sleep and not mess with him because he wouldn't make it. But he has already proved them wrong, he is going to make it. He may never be perfect but then again he may not have been perfect before either, but he is alive and loving all the attention that he is getting and will continue to get.

Any advice is welcome.
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no advice here - sounds like you're doing good stuff! & bless you for caring for this kitty!
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Aw, poor Comet. Maybe you could buy KMR and mix it in his food. That is kitten replacement formula, and good for putting weight on the Mom cat, too. At the top of the pregnant cat thread there is a recipe to make it at home. That will give him something easy to swallow and easy to digest.

Did the vet do anything? Seems like he should at least get antibiotics so his wounds won't get infected. For your sake, I hope he can recover from his multiple injuries. You are very kind to save this old warrior. It is amazing how the tough guys can recover sometimes, isn't it.

Come on, Comet, you are in loving hands, now. You can do it! Heal!
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Aries, you are an angel for saving comet!! I'm sending tons of vibes and prayers for Comet's continued recovery. I know your love is what's helping him get better. For food, you could try Felidae or California Naturals.
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maybe feed him a wet kitten food too? has lots of calories.
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I had to deal with a similar situation and it turned out that though the cat did survive for a few day, the damage of the collision with the car was to extensive and he could not pass stool. My vet told me from the very beginning to let him go, but I had watched this unknown cat get hit and I wanted to do everything I could. But in the end, we had him euthanized a few days later.

I hope you have a better outcome, mine was missing not only teeth, but also claws as he was dragged across the asphalt. I made him a gruel of chicken baby food broth and pedialyte and syringed it slowly in his mouth.
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Thank you, everyone, for your advice and prayers. By the grace of God, Comet is getting better each day!

That first night was touch and go. I stayed up all night monitoring his heating pad and giving him water with an dropper. He was in so much pain. He kind of swooned in and out of consciousness(?), but the next morning he was more alert and was able to lie on his tummy rather than flopping on his side panting through his mouth.

The second day I pureed moist food and held him propped up and spoon fed him until he got the idea. He was still very sore and tender all over. The swelling in his tongue began to go down and I could determine the extent of his injuries better.

Wednesday, when I posted this thread, he still had not pooped. I was afraid that he had internal injuries that I couldn't treat. That night I remembered that kittens sometimes need their mother to lick them to get them to poo. So, ... I got a washcloth and washed him all over like a mama kitty (including his bottom) and little later his pooed! I have never been so excited to see a cat poo in my whole life, but it meant that he had a much better chance of survival. He is now attempting use the litter box! He is still very wobbly and unsteady and misses occassionally but hey! I'm thrilled.

Honestly, I didn't think that he would survive, but I felt the least that I could do was make his last hours comfortable and let him know someone cared and he wasn't alone. I guess the vet thought he was a goner, too, and that is why he recommended putting him down or just trying to make him comfortable. We live in a very rural area with only two vets in the county and expensive livestock gets more consideration than the so-called "worthless mongrel stray" around here. Anyway ...

Comet is still unable to chew dry food but he is now scarfing up moist food without pureeing. He is also hopping around the house on three legs pretty well. His right paw is still a concern but am doctoring it daily and keeping it bandaged for protection and support. The other kitties, besides Snow, are beginning to accept him. I did keep him quarantined from the other kitties until yesterday, but I had to return to work today and didn't like the idea of leaving him couped up in the bathtub all day without supervision. And as my mother pointed out my cats are indoor/outdoor kitties and they do come in contact with other strange cats occassionally.

Comet is a real love bug. He is answering to his name and wants to be held and loved a lot. I'll try to post pictures in a few days. He sleeps a lot (resting and recovering, I hope) I am hoping that he is out of the woods, but please keep him in yours prayers.
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Originally Posted by hissy
I hope you have a better outcome, mine was missing not only teeth, but also claws as he was dragged across the asphalt. I made him a gruel of chicken baby food broth and pedialyte and syringed it slowly in his mouth.
Comet's claws are sore and bloody, too. I suspect that maybe he was warming himself on someone's engine. When they got on the highway and it started getting hot, he probably wasn't able to hold on any longer and he fell out and got squished.

Since he was very cold and there was no traffic when I came by, I'm really not sure what happened, but it could have been a lot worse. But God is merciful and full of grace and he has spared Comet for some reason. I am just thankful that I was in the right place at the right time and did the right thing.
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I'm so glad to hear that Comet is improving daily. Bless you for being so kind and caring.Keep us updated. iI pray he will continue to improve.
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PLEASE keep us updated on this heartwarming story. I does us good to hear of other people's kitty heroics. Keep fighting Comet!!
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What a wonderful person you are for doing so much for this poor kitty, despite the vets recommendation. I have everything crossed for him.
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I'm still sending vibes and prayers. Your love for Comet is healing him up!
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Giant hugs to you and prayers to Comet!
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Awww, he's adorable!!
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What a wonderful ending for the little guy! I hope he continues to improve!
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What a beautiful cat! I will be praying for him.
Keep us posted, and bless you for your kindness to a helpless creature.
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Comet is continuing to improve. He is beginning to use his little mangled paw a bit and it looks so much better. Still hopping on three legs, but you would never guess from his picture how much he has improved since just last Monday!

The other cats are tolerating him a little more, too. Leia actually laid on the bed with him this morning for a few minutes. He can drag himself up on to the bed now, but still hasn't figured out how to get down without going kurfulump. I am so afraid that he going to re-injure something falling down, but he keeps doing it, so, I guess is doesn't hurt to bad and I do have thick carpet down in the bedroom.

It continues to amaze me how sweet he is. He just loves to be cuddled and snuggled with. He slept in the bed with us last night for the first time. (I was afraid before that he might get squished but he did just fine.)

Don't think that I am going to be able to re-home him. He has wrapped his little paws around my hand and my heart.
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Originally Posted by Aries
Don't think that I am going to be able to re-home him. He has wrapped his little paws around my hand and my heart.
you deserve this sweet boy after all you've done for him so glad to hear he's continuing to improve
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But Comet is such a little trooper. Even when he was in horrible pain, he didn't try to bite or scratch. He just wanted and needed love. Love can give someone the will and strength to recover. So sad that much of the world has lost or forgotten this wisdom.

Comet has been a blessing to me so far. Of course, he was playing a little last night and he is recovering the idea of what teeth and claws are for.
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This story just made my day! i am so glad that comet is doing so well. I dont think yuo will be able to part with this sweet soul after all you have done for him. Please keep him!
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I am glad he is surviving! You might want to consider amputation on that one limb if it doesn't get better. Cats do extremely well without a leg. I was very surprised to see that first hand with Tazzy. The day after the surgery she was hopping around in fine style. It was so much better for her because her right front leg had been mangled in the collision with a car. Had she not also had brain damage, she would still be with us today. But there are some things that you just can't overcome.
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