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Differences in male and female play

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Has anyone else noticed this?

I have 4 girls and 2 boys. There is a noticable difference when they play. When the boys play (like chasing a laser, setting up for an attack) they both lay very flat, lay their heads between their front paws, and when tracking the moving object, I have noticed their heads wobble a couple times from side to side. Then they pounce.It makes me think that it is like getting marbles to settle in, like adjusting their eyes for optimum vision. It seems they track differently from the girls. I have never noticed any of the girls do the head wobble before.

Has anyone else noticed something similar?:confused3
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I have noted the exact opposite in my cats' behavior. Cleopatra, my female will bob the head, and go nuts when she is playing. While Noah, my male, is more subdued and laid-back. He isn't really interested in play as much as Cleo is! I think it depends on the cats' personality rather than their gender.
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Weird, my male and female play pretty much the same.
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I think you're both right, that it depends on the cat. I just found it unusual since just the boys do this. I get a big kick out of it because it looks so funny. The boys have such intent serious looks on their faces when they do this and I can't help but giggle.
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hehehe Its SO funny! My male maine coon does the head wobble when stalking a moving object, I thought it was because he was just a kitten at the time but he's still doing it
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Both my cats play the same way. It's funny because I noticed that their heinies? shake before the pounce. It's so funny to watch.
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Dani's female and there's a definite visual signal when she's about to pounce. First she crouches like a wound spring, then the head shake and her last step is the butt wag. It never fails. Playing or attacking a bug... same 3 signs.

mom to Dani Night Stalker
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I have 2 males and 2 females and it seems the males are rougher than the girls. Fallon is the instigator but soon regrets it when Xavier clobbers her. She'll then pick on Mitzi who runs away and hisses.

Then there's Sampson who dosen't get involved in the fighting unless he's provoked then he puts them all in their places. It was funny one night Sampson wanted to play with this scratching post and Xavier smacked him figuring this would make him run away and he'd get it all to himself. Instead Sampson smacked him really hard and before Xavier got to smack him back Sampson smacked him again and then body slammed him. Guess who got to play with the scratching post?
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My female is the one that lays and waits, her head jiggles and her bottom wiggles. My male seems to know the difference between sneaking up on something outside and pouncing on something inside.
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