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Cat spayed at 5 years, now 8 years

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I have a quick question. I was just reading the thread about the health risks in not spaying a female cat after years of continuous heat and it got me thinking.

My mom has a 7 or 8 year old female Himalayan. Purebred, she has papers and a "show" name or whatever it is called, was bought from a supposedly good breeder, but now I doubt that since they let her go without being spayed or a contract or something and they let her go at 6 weeks. Anyway, my mom never spayed her at first because she thought it would be fun to breed her. Will I convinced her not to eventually and Emma was spayed at about 5 years old. This was before I know all I know about cats and had experiences working in rescues and everything...

Well I am wondering what are her chances of having some disease like cancer? Next time we are at the vet I will ask but are there any specific tests I should ask for? Should I be concerned? Since she was spayed and is now pushing 8 years old, is she most likely ok?
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The normal age for mammary cancer is 10. You can do checks at home - you just check the breasts and at the slightest lump, take the cat to the vet. The article I read suggested this is done monthly. They are easily removed, but need to be caught quickly as they do have a high incidence of spreading and reoccuring. I hope that your mums cat will be lucky.
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She is probably just fine. But voice your concerns to your vet, I am sure you will feel better when you do.
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Ok thanks I will tell my mom to check on the lumps. I don't recall her ever mentioning anything about them. My other cat India who was spayed around 1 when I adopted her, has a lump but I asked the vet and he said it is probably a fatty lump but to bring her back in if it gets any bigger or appears to be sore.

Thanks everyone!
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