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I am soooo boooored!!!

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I am LITTERALLY the only one at work today! I have a cold. My boss took off because her son's daycare is closed this week, my mother is on vac, another co-worker is on vac, another is sick and on vac, and the other is temp and was only given 2 days to work this week. Soooo...I'm here with my cold all alone. I'm litterally locked in. I have no students at all this week and out entrance is kind of hidden because we are in the back of the building. So I'm locked in for safety.

I brought myself some goodies for the day though. Coloring books and crayons for starters. A book my father in law got us for Christmas although it really doesn't look too interesting, a cookbook from my mother in law's church to look through, and I brought The Sound of Music on DVD.

DH got it for me for Chrismtas. So I figured today would be a great day to watch it while I'm sitting here all lonesome! So I just stuck it in....my comp here doesn't have the plug in thing to play DVDs!!! It is sooooo quiet! And now I'm all disapointed! I've already written three reports. My boss wants me to do a mini audit of our files because we have a big accrediation thing in a few months. yippeee-do-dah-gag-me-with-a-spoon!

So anyone else as boored as me? The good news to this all is that the quiet is partly good since I'm not feeling great. And I get to wear jeans all week because no one is gonna see me anyway! Tomorrow I'm bringing a pillow!
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Oh I'm with ya there!!, I'm not sick...but I am soooo bored!!. I was supposed to depart this morning on a flight up North but the weather is crummy so I'm just sitting here waiting for it to improve Looks like I may have to sit here till 2pm before we will be able to leave!
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I right there with ya! Well, I'm not the only one at work, but well over 1/2 of the office is on vacation, including all of the Owners. I saved up some projects to try to keep my busy this week, but I'm over 1/2 done with them and have a long ways to go before the end of the week! And motivation?

I've got to do this differently next year - I'm going to try to save up vacation time to at least take a couple more days off between Christmas and New Years!
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Can you at least play here some?
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Oh mee too! i am sooo bored!!! there are people here but they are all working or in their own little worlds.

the forums seem kinda dead today too! but i get to go to lunch in a few minutes so yipee!!
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I'm at work bored too....

I have plenty of things I could be doing at home right now!!
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Just read my profile and siggy.
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I guess I can play on here some. I know all our computers are tracked but they aren't overly stringent I don't think. I just try not to abuse it. Plus my work is done and I've been doing extra things.
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I'm at work as well!! Its really quiet well except for the embroidery machines running. I have a few projects I'm working on like a big jacket back for The Protectors of America's Warriors. A Military Veterinary Team thats taking care of the K-9 police and bomb dogs over in Iraq. Very beautiful jacket back. Time consuming.

I hope you feel better!!
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Its kinda slow here at work, too, but never ever boring! I always have something to do. And there is an awful lot of chocolate here-I'll be really pudgy in no time!
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