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Jessie still needs a home!

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Remember my little foster kitty, Jessie? She still needs a home! We had
a number of adoptions in the weeks before Xmas, but Jessie kept getting passed over because of her tendency to hiss and growl at new people. We realized a while ago that you can't take it seriously, because as soon as you pet Jessie, she just melts. She's an extremely sweet, affectionate little cat, once you get passed her "tough" act. I got very attached to Jessie when I fostered her. She looks so much like my Gracie and has the same spunky purrsonality. Please send good vibes that a good, patient home comes along soon.
Here's some pics of the little sweetie:
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Sugartoes doesn't show well, either. She is such a doll at home, but depises the cat shows. She does let people pet her in the cage, but doesn't like to be held, so sure isn't comfortable being picked up in a busy Petsmart! It is so hard when you know you have such a special kitty, and they get overlooked.

I hope Jessie gets chosen, soon. I wonder if you gave people a treat to share with her, she would learn that strangers aren't always bad news, and would hiss less?!?
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Jessie is so pretty! I hope that the right person comes along and sees past her tough-guy routine to give her a wonderful home!
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Lots of vibes for Jessie to find a loving, forever home
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Thanks for all the vibes for Jessie. Please keep them coming! She blew another chance at getting adopted this week by being so hissy. It's going to take someone with some cat experience to see past this behavior to give her chance. It's the same for her brother Joey, an incredibly sweet, fluffy little black guy. He doesn't hiss, but hides in his box whenever someone new approaches him. I think we need to take the box away, but our coordinator keeps saying he's not ready. He LOVES to be held, but only by us. I wish more people would see the potential in kittens like these two!
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Lots of vibes for Joey to find a forever home, too!
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Please send major prayer/vibes Jessie and Joey's way on Friday. There's a lady coming to see them who may be interested in adopting both! She knows they're shy (and that Jessie's a little hissy missy!) but seems willing to work with them. She recently had to have her 16-year-old cat(who she'd had since kittenhood) put to sleep, so she's not new to cats.

I'm really hoping and praying this works out for Jessie and Joey. I don't usually feel the need to be present for adoptions, but I'm going to be there for this. We're thinking maybe since I fostered Jessie and she's more comfortable with me than anybody else, I can get her playing and show off how cute and friendly she can be!

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I'm sending mega vibes and prayers for Jessie and Joey to be adopted on Friday!!!
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oh sweet Jessie & Joey - GOOD LUCK darlin's - be happy and playful for this woman... you never know this could be the best BEST home ever for the 2 of you and you can stay together how wonderful would that be!!

sending LOTS & LOTS of (((((VIBES))))) your way from across the ocean
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when i next adopt a cat (not for a very long time sadly) i am going to actively seek out a hissy, mean little thing.

Maverick was such a feral little beast when we first got her but is a real sweetie now so i know that underneath there could be a nice kitty lurking!

sending vibes and wishing you luck!
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I just came from meeting with Jessie and/or Joey's potential adoptive meowmy. There's a strong possibility that one of them is going to get a great home out of this! The lady wasn't prepared to adopt today since she had to return to work. She was very taken with Joey's looks (he's a solid black, fluffy boy!) and was able to pet him a little bit. She thought Jessie's "tough act" was cute and was able to hold her! She said she'd love to have both, but now has to convince her husband. I'd be glad if either Jessie or Joey went to this home but, if they went together, it would be even better. We always encourage people to adopt in pairs. So, please keep those powerful TCS vibes/prayers coming that both these little sweeties get adopted!

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More vibes and prayers that they both get adopted soon!!
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Sending major vibes that both cats are adopted soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That TCS magic worked again! Thanks to all your vibes and prayers Jessie and Joey went to a wonderful new home this afternoon - TOGETHER!!!
Their new meowmy said it didn't take much to convince her husband to adopt both, especially after seeing their pictures.

Jessie and Joey tend to be very scared in new situations, so please send more vibes that they soon feel comfortable in their new home!

Thanks for everything! You guys are the best!
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YAY!!! I'm so glad to hear that they went to an understanding home together. Sending lots of calming vibes to these two little ones and lots of patience vibes to their new family.
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I'm truly glad everything worked out so well and will continue with the comfort vibes so that they may find true peace in their new furever home!!!
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Oh Yay!!! That's fantastic news!!!
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Yaaaaaaa! That's great Sending out vibes that they are very happy in their new home!!!!
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That's wonderful!!! Those two little cutie pies get to stay together!!! I'll send tons of calming vibes for Jessie and Joey!!!
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what wonderful news!!!

continuing to send (((calming))) vibes
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Have just read this, how wonderful for them both. Hope they both do really well.
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I followed up with Jessie and Joey's adoptive family yesterday. The kittens are still skittish and hiding a lot of the time, but the family is still willing to work them and allow them to come around in their own time. I'm so impressed with people who have the patience and understanding to meet the cats at their level. Please continue sending vibes for the kitties and their family. Thanks!
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