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Foley is AWOL

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Welp - I was glad to share the news of our new son, Jesse with everyone .. however .. I didnt want to mention just yet that while we were at the hospital Foley had gotten out and ran. We live with my in laws right now, and we think either mom or dad in law left the back door open .. well, didnt shut it tight enough and it blew open.

Foley isnt an outdoor cat. Whenever he did manage to get out, he'd freak and crawl real low to the ground and cry as if to say, "What IS this place?! Help!!"

We live in a small town, where wild foxes still live along with hawks, geese and other cats threats. We dont know what has happened to him. He could be fine, in another house (he is Very likable ) or .. worse. I just pray that he's alright .... or that he went quick with no pain.

We miss our lil fur baby - he was our "First" baby when me and Jarrett got married. I just wish we Knew what happened.

Keep him in your thoughts and kitty prayers.
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*sending lots of vibes finding your kitty!*
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I'm sorry to hear about Foley. I sure hope you find him.
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I hope Foley comes home soon!!

I'll move this to SOS, where you can get tips for finding him.
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Like many others, I share your worry as I have had it happen to me. I hope he makes it home soon.
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Sending you and your kitty good vibes that your kitty comes home soon!!
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Sending out "Come Home Foley" vibes, hope you see him soon!
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i hope he comes home soon
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Awww me too. I am sending "Come home Floey" vibes as well
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here's a link with some suggestions that might help. Come home, Foley!
Finding a Lost Cat
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Come on, Foley...time to come home now!
post #12 of 19 will also help you. Keep your hopes up and don't stop looking!
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Is there any news of Foley? I'm sending "Come home, Foley!" vibes.
post #14 of 19 has very good advice about how to find lost indoor-only cats - there are pages about how to search for your cat based on his personality.

I hope he comes home very soon.
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i hope you get some good news soon
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Wow - things have been BUSY. (We have a new baby) Foley had left on Christmas Day ... and returned on New Years Day, Jan 1st!

Aparently my mom in law said that she woke up early and looked out the back door - and lo and behold, there he was hanging out with another cat! She opened the door and they began to bolt. She called his name and he skidded to a stop, turned as if to say, 'Hey, wait a sec, I LIVE here!' and ran inside.
(Later that afternoon, me and hubby had to go to the store .. in the checkout lane one of the tabloids read: "Many Pets Return After UFO Abduction" .. no joke! LOL ... so THATS where he was!)

He has now slowed a bit with this, but after he came home, he would meow ALL night long and some during the day as well. Arg! NOT the best thing when you have a new baby. He also goes to the bathroom alot. Maybe I didnt notice before, but its odd. He goes in .. goes out then in ... then back out ... 5 minutes later hes back in again. Sometimes he meows while in there. Constipated? This too has also pretty much stopped, but still odd.

I feel terrible for this, but I was almost bummed when he came back. How terrible am I?! I love him, I do .. but hes always under foot. He tracks kitty litter everywhere (its in our bathroom..) and I hate stepping on it all the time; hate finding it in our bed, in our Sons bed and in our new baby's Crib! ICK! (I cant keep him out of there either). Going down the stairs is a death trap becuase he follows you everywhere. He sits behind you when you cook and Ive stepped on him I dont know How many times!
We got him when my hubby and I first got married .. as a first "child" kind of thing. We wanted to wait a few years before having kids. Little did we NOT know that when we got Foley, I was already pregnant!
My hubby is just smitten with him, so much in love. I was too .. but Ive got 2 kids now that take up all my time. What do I do?

Anyway, problems to be solved in other forums I suppose. Thanks so much for all the well wishes, he came home just fine - a bit dirty and stinky! But just fine.
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Fantastic news! Sorry about the stress... cats can be that
way. OTH they bring a lot of joy, and yr kids will grow up
knowing about loving and caring for pets - trust me, this
is a HUGE way to teach the young to be compassionate
and caring people!

Hope the other forums help with the other issues!
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He sounds like he adores you and for that you are lucky. You are welcome to come and visit me and my cats who will hide under the bed the minute a stranger comes over. They won't trip you on the stairs, they will effectively stay hidden until you leave. You can't even tell we have cats when new people come here and we have over a dozen.

He does need a vet though- anytime a cat has been outside, there is no telling what type of stress they are under, especially indoor cats. Anxiety and physical stress often involve a release of a hormone known as ACTH or adrenocorticotropic hormone from the pituitary gland. This hormone can make a cat ill if it stays in the system long enough and the first place it will attack will be the urinary tract. Please take your kitty into the vet to be checked out.
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You notice that he keeps getting in and out of the litterbox. It might be that he has a UTI...If he continues that best have him checked out.
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