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Tigger photos

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Hi I've not been on here in a while, things have been a bit hectic lately.
So thought id show ya some recent pics.

His xmas bandanner

The birthday boy (15)

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Tigger is gorgeous as usual I don't know that he's really crazy about his Christmas hat, though
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I gotta tell ya I am always thinking about Tigger.....He is such a georgeous boy....I am soooo freeekin jealous.....

Looks like he had a great x-mas.....what a sweeet boy
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aww so beautiful!
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Hey it's Tigger!! He's still as gorgeous as ever
Happy Holidays, handsome
Oh I never thought he'd tolerate having a hat on his head lol... it's a cute hat though
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Tigger you are so handsome!!, he has such big fuzzy feet!
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He does have big furry feet! But that hat...looks like he would rather NOT wear it!

I love the name Tigger. Garfield's Momma was named Tigger.
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I wanna give Tigger a big squishy hug!
What a darling!

He kinda looks like my Smidgey - who made her pictorial debut yesterday in this forum.

I love his accessories!
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Awwww Tigger you handsome boy!

Awww look at his hat!
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he's such a handsome guy - & that permanent wink makes him look so flirtatious!
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Oh that hat is just too cute! What a look!
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