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Looking into a new pet...

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Ok i got a lot of indoor pets.... 2 rats and a ball python, i also have 6 indoor outdoor cats.... These last few days my mother and i decided to look into adopting a desert tortois. I have a found a few places by me to get them but was wondering in anyone here had ever had one or knows some1 that does. I like to hear from ppl who have been there and done that not just ppl who 'know' how to do so. It will be a few months before we get anywhere near ready for our backyard to become a home to a new friend tho so we will see what happens =)
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Most of them are now on the endangered species list so you want to check into that first. If you keep a tortoise outside, depending on the weather, they can hibernate for quite awhile. Also they are very susceptible to URI that can get quite nasty. There are desert tortoise rescue groups, I would go there first to adopt your next pet. They will give you tons of good information if you qualify.
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I second the rescue group .. I looked into tortise (sp) rescue and realized that they arent as easy to care for a a boxx turtle... the local rescue lady here is a hepatologist and gave me loads of info

I had a box turtle in my younger days lovely animal hope my overly loving kid self did nt scar it for life
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If you are looking for a turtle that you can keep indoors that is easy to care for, how about a painted turtle? You can find them in nearly any pond, which is how I came by mine. Hubby found it(named Squirt)in the edge of the pond and brought it home to me. he's about the size of a coaster that you sit your drink on. Being as these are aquatic turtles, he is in a 10 gallon aqurium to himself. It has a heat lamp, and a landing for him so sit on when he wants to be out of water. The tank is filled a little over half way full so he has plenty of water to swim in. I feed him turtle pellets you can find at any pet store. Great little pet to have and you don't have to clean the tank that often if it has a water fall filter in it. Just an idea for you! Here is a pic of what they look like.. this isnt my turtle, but it looks just like this:

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