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BadHabit: You addressed something important here, that I will go over again as so no one will over look it!
Switching any animals food repeatedly with in short periods of time (even with in months of eachother) can be very bad for their health. So please do not do that, its not what any of us are trying to say here.

Also I'm sorry, I thought you were trying to be one of those hard headed apes that believe things like " If its on TV then it must be true!" (aka following what the aafco says) LOL.
What professional animal feild are you in btw? I'm working towards becoming a zoologist, amoung many other things. My ultimate goal is to work at, or own a refuge for big cat species... namely jaguars.

Like you I trust my instincts, I trust what my cats tell me, I trust what I know until proven otherwize.
Once I am complete with my 'ingredient dictionary', I will start my studies on RAW diets.
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well, i have to say... i have never been more confused. i went to the links that were posted. and all that stuff about cat food is sooo horrible. i do find my cats are doing well with what they are on. and the colorful food upsets their stomaches. sigh. if it's all a bunch of crap in the food why do they charge so much for food that suppost to be better??? hmmmmm. whats the best cat food on the market ???????
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hehehehe no one has ever said they thought I was an ape before, hard headed mule yes, never an ape though. Actually I thought you were a trendy jump on the band wagon type who read an article on the internet and said "Hey! I'll go with it!!"

I apologise for my ignorance.

BTW the ACCFO comment was not how I felt. I was repeating what I was told and I do not know much about it other than the fact that it's supposed to regulate the quality of pet food. What their quality standard is, I haven't the slightest idea but I can say it's probably not very high.

I am a veterinary technician although I am currantly trying to get out of it and am trying to get into dog training.

My friend is also going to school to become a zoologist. I think he's mostly aiming towards working with reptiles(Would be why I had so many at one time. I used to babysit... er reptilesit) but he's working at a zoo right now, for an internship and he gets to work with the cougars. Lucky guy!!
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Originally posted by 7cozycats
if it's all a bunch of crap in the food why do they charge so much for food that suppost to be better???
Because they can! Look at how many people buy it, and how much money they make. They don't care about your cat, they care about your pocket book.

Best food? I don't think there is one. I mean, natural is best, there is a book on Holistic Animal foods you can make. For me, I use Nutro Naturals. It is a good price, and convenient. I'd love to feed them California Naturals (I think that's what its called) but its not available out here. My cats have eaten one food, and one food only, Nutro Naturals. I also agree on switching. Its odd, you think they'd like variety, but it does wreak havoc on them.
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I feed both of mine Friskie's wet food as a treat 3x a week. And they eat the store brand dry food that is here. I know its not a top of the line. But my reasoning isn't because of money, they both love it, and do well on it. And also the vet said its fine for them.

Just my .02cents
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Im very curious to know why many of you do not beleive in switching brands. I switch brands every four months (Solid Gold, Innova, Wysong, Felidae dry so far). I switch over a three week period from the old brand to the new brand and I have 4 cats that have never gotten digestive upsets over my switching. Also, they are not the least bit finiky about any of the brands I have used but I did once feed them cat chow for about a year and I had a very hard time trying to switch them to a better food...they were very finicky at that time so it makes me wonder if switching dry brands every few months helps them to be less finicky. I have read several times that its not good to feed the same flavor of canned foods because supposedly that makes them finicky and I do alternate brands and flavors of canned foods also(Solid Gold,Wellness,Petguard,Natural Balance,Nutro,Azmira,Spots Stew,Innova are some of the cans I use or have used). I do know however that many people have a really hard time getting their cats to eat a prescription diet if need be because after the cat had been eating the same food for so long it usually wont want to eat a new one...in this case I know if I ever had to switch to a prescription diet I will not have a problem trying to get my cats to eat it. Im not trying to tell all of you that switching brands every few months is the best way to go because really I dont know that it is but I am curious as to why many of you dont think its a good idea...Im still learning and I have an open mind so opinions are appreciated.
I used to read lots of info about nutrition on the web and it really had me confused so I started buying books on nutrition instead and I also have found many things on the web to be false pertaining to nutrition according to my books, so yes, I agree you definatly cant trust everything you read on the web.
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I've also never had trouble w/ switching. When I first got Sunshine I was feeding her Kit n' kaboodle. She loved it, but then the store was out once and I bought friskies. She did fine w/ the switch. But when I got Cymone, she didn't seem to like Friskies so we switched several more times till we found what we feed them now. They never had upset tummies or vomiting.

I guess I'm just lucky maybe, mine hardly ever get sick.
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All cats are different in their reaction to things but I suppose there must be some validity to the thought that switching food can upset a cat's digestive system.

In the books that I've read and on most dry food bags, it is recommended that you slowly introduce the new food into a cat's diet (i.e., adding the new food a bit at a time to the old food until you are feeding the cat all of the new food).

Of course, most of what we see are guidelines so what is good for one cat may not be good for another.
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Nern, to answer your question the intestines have normal bacteria that aid in digesting food. When a food is suddenly changed it can result in changes to the number and kind of bacteria and their ability to digest food.

It is best to slowly introduce a new food by mixing small amounts of it in with the old food and gradually mixing in more until the old food is eliminated. Switching too quickly can cause vomiting, diarrhea and constipation.

Not all cats will have this problem but it can be a troublesome task for others when their food is switched. When I talk about switching food and the problems it causes I'm refering to changing the food overnight although some cats like dtolle's never seem to be bothered by it.

Cats often turn their noses up at prescription diets because they are not very palatable and the companies have even admitted it.

Most cats will, if their food is switched because they refuse it the first time around, become picky because they learn to hold out for what they want. I know a few cats whos diet consists of steak and milk because they won't eat anything else.

If what you are doing is keeping your kitties happy and healthy then you must be doing something right but that is why it is recommended not to switch foods suddenly.
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As far as switching foods, my cats never had a bad reaction to this until I put them on Natural Balance, GREAT food, made them gain weight (not that asim needed it). And their coats were wonderul and I could feed them less of it, and they would be full up. But man.. it made their poos sooo stinky, it was like toxic, so I had to change it (that and it took my cats forever to accept that food). Asim was also throwing up a couple times, I'm not sure if it was from that dry food, or if one of those cans of cat food I gave him was some how rotten.
I know some ppl say you should change your cats diet every so often, but I do not know what that time frame is.

The best way to do it is with sample packs, see if your cat even likes it with out waisting all the money on a food they wont eat. You can test 3 or more foods per day that way (in small portions) with out fear of a bad reaction in a typical healthy cat.

There is no such thing as "the best food".

Dry food should be switched over from a period of a week to a month, to be on the safe side.

Dtolle: If you are going to feed a 'store brand' food I recommend walmart Maxximum Nutrition. There is no other 'grocery' store brand that will top that food, and its VERY cheap.

There are like these, Meat patties I want to try they sound very healthy for you kits, and its all the food they need. www.petfooddirect.com. Some of you could look to ordering online if you live far away from decent petstores.

Badhabit: Being an animal trainer is something that also amuses me. I'm currently a petsitter, with that, some owners want you to help with the training of their dogs.

CozyCAts: The stuff on those pages, and some others I have read can be very shocking, its amazing how after reading that, some ppl will still feed those horrible foods. As far as the truth behind them, thats a site that was created by a very respected individual in the animal world.
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Sorry, I didnt realize your were talking about rapid switching. I do agree with you. I switch over a period of three weeks and I think that makes a huge difference in decreasing any digestive upsets in mine.
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I am more confused than ever!!!

I did a lot of research last year, and I think I will stick with Eukanuba. My older cat has a beautiful coat & frankly, his poop is not too stinky. This is such a confusing topic -- now I remember why I decided to pick Eukanuba & stick with it!
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I have 54 pet cats and I feed 150 feral cats around the city where I live every night. I feed my spoiled pet cats, Science Diet senior for my toothless girl (this is all she likes), Pro Plan hairball or turkey and barley, Royal canin senior, adult and kitten. I feed my ferals Friskies, Meow Mix, Chef's Blend or other Friskies or Purina Brands. I never feed any cats store or generic brands. I think they are too full of junk and garbage (literally) and besides not even the ferals will eat them. In short all my cats, pets and ferals are healthy and beautiful. If you put one of my ferals next to one of my pets and asked which one is being fed the premium food based on their appearance, you couldn't tell the difference. My pet cats have the usual illnesses. I'm blessed though, no one with bladder stones, but have had a couple with kidney infections. I mix their dry with canned twice a day. So overall I don't really know if Pro Plan is actually better for my cats than Purina Cat Chow. Sorry I don't have a more definitive answer for you. Good Luck
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