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whats the best cat food

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what brand cat food do you feed your cats? is the high cost really better. my cats are now eating purina kit n kaboodle. i was wondering if the high cost cat food is really better and would fill them up better so it would last longer. the science diet is $25 a 18 pound bag. i spend about $10 for the brand i use and buy a big bag about every 2 weeks. i would like to switch but can't really afford it unless it might last longer.
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I give my cat Petreet-wet and ProPlan-solid. I am not sure if both brands are really better....all I know is that my cat loves it.

When she is happy, I am happy.
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The best thing to do is to look at the ingredients list on the back of the bag. You're best bet are the foods that have a meat listed as the first ingredient, like chicken (not by product or meal). A lot of grocery store brands have corn or something similar as the first listed ingredient which means the food is mostly filler.

There is no hard and fast rule as to which food is the absolute best, its up to the individual-everyone has their own preference. My kitties eat Iams and are doing very well on it. It doesn't cost an exorbitant amount but is top of the line as far as grocery store foods go.

On the flip side, my grandmothers cat is 18 years old and still going strong and she has been eating cheap food her whole life.

Good luck in your kitty food quest :rainbow:
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note... should we move this post to "health & nutrition"???

Before having to put my kitties on special Prescription Diet food, I was big fan of Nutro Max products, especially because it has no by-products. You can buy it at PetSmart, SuperPetz, etc... Here's the web site for more info...
Nutro Max Web Site Link
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i asked someone to move it for me. right after i seen where it was. i am going to switch to the science diet after talking to my vet. thanks
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just remember to switch gradually so as to not upset your baby's tummy.
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I give my cats Friskies wet and Chefs Blend dry. They love
it. Although I do have to put my female on a diet. I think I
will be using Science Diet because that seems to be the top vet
choice. I am just afraid my male cat will get an upset stomach. I
know to feed them the new food gradually but I am still afraid. They
could both stand to lose 2 pounds each.
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I don't know if there's a food that's better out there. The best thing would be to make your cats food but unfortunatly a lot of time goes into it and if you don't know what you're doing you can hurt your cat by not giving him all the vitamins he needs.

I feed 3 of my cats Purina ONE and Mitzi I feed Purina Pro Plan senior formula. At one time Fallon was on Eukanuba low residue because of a stool leaking problem she had. She lost a ton of weight on the food and her coat became dull and flaky.

I say whatever seems to be agreeing with your cat is fine as long as you don't switch brands just because it's on sale.
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My 23-year-old cat was fed Chef's Blend for the last 17-20 years of his life (Friskies before that) and was healthy as could be.

I've tried Iams, Science Diet, gourmet stuff, all-natural stuff, etc, but they all smell really bad. Now, if your cat has sinus problems, the strong scent is good, but if not, I'd rather my place not smell like cat. Some of my neighbors' homes...YUCK!!!! Smelly!!!
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Hi Everyone

Right now feeding my kitten who is 5 months, Fancy Feast wet and Purina for Kittens dry. Loves both. He is really growing.

Have a meow day.
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Hello. My mom has been giving her cat a bodega brand for about a year. I believe it was alley cat and meow mix. My mom tells me how she doesn't like it but since she had it since she was little thats her food. Well I felt bad and everytime I come over to my moms I bring her new bag of pro-plan. I think they'll get tired of it.
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Well, i decided not to go with the science diet. i wanted to. but we live paycheck to paycheck. it would be horrible if i could not afford it one week and then had to switch again. i've went with the purina one. special formula for adult cats. zazu who was having problems vomiting is no longer vomiting. he went to vet, there was a cold, got meds, he was still vomiting, now he's doing fine. vet said to get science diet but....this seems to be working. but if he was to start vomiting again, he'll have to go for bloodwork he seems extremly healthy. anyway, i'll hope for the best. this food promised in 2 months i'd see clearer eyes, shiny coat and some other good stuff like that. not that they don't now. i'm just blabbing now. later!
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I've heard that cats don't need to eat as much of the more expensive brands because they contain more real quality ingredients and less filler. So an eighteen pound bag might last three weeks instead of two. If you look at it that way, it's not quite as expensive as it first seems.
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Many of the high quality foods are nutrient dense.They contain more calories per cup than many of the cheaper brands so you have to feed less. If you buy a high calorie food and still feed the same amounts as you were feeding the cheaper brands you are likely to end up with a very fat cat. An 18lb bag of cat chow used to last me about a month and cost about $12.00 when I switched to Innova, a 16.6lb bag lasted me about 2months and cost $24.99.
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We give Casper and Kitty Whiskas wet and dry food, and Friskies dry food, and they love them. We can't afford those big brand names, they are very, very expencive
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I give Rascal a mixture of Iams and Eukanuba as dry food and Iams and Whiskas canned. I also give him Whiskas in a pouch and he loves them all!
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kathyzim is right about the fillers and the better brands lasting longer. I work at a pet store and I remember that was in one of our pamphlets on pet food. I've used Iams kitten on all my babies and once they're old enough I've switched them to Iams Lamb and Rice. This was reccomended to us by a couple of different breeders (my mom has persians) and it's worked really well. Other good brands are Science Diet and Eukanuba. As far as the by products go not all of them are bad. Some are chicken organs and some of the skin. I guess the FDA requires anything that isn't muscle to be called a by product. Though some brands use ground up non-nutritional parts like the beak. At least that's what I've heard. Overall I think dry food is best though, since it helps keep their teeth clean. Good luck with your food search!
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Egads, ok. you will hear me say this many many times here.
I will not feed Iams, because they support and do animal testing.

Science Diet is not good food... I wish more of you had posted at amce, we have a few ppl who are really smart food wize there.

Science Diet is in most vet offices because most vets don't know better, they are not nutritionist. The short course vets get in their schooling is sponsored by Science Diet, so what food are the vets going to be contracted to sell?... SD thats right.

Nutro, Nutro Max, Avo-derm, Pinnacal, Wellness, Authority, Bil-Jack, California Natural, Evolve. I could list many many many that are better than any of the names (that i have seen) thrown around on this thread.

I believe that RAW diet is best for most cases, but im not saying everyone here switched to a holistic diet, but, I do think ppl should stay away from purina, frisky's etc. Unless you have an old dieing cat and their last wish is to eat that junk food, lol, then I understand.
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I agree wholeheartedly AngelzOO! I gave my kitties Nutro for years before one was prescribed Hill's Prescription Diet Food CD, which keeps urine crystals at bay (he had blood in his urine, which was a result of the crystals). At the time he developed the crystals, he was eating Hill's Prescription Diet LD, due to my other kitty being diagnosed with Liver Disease, who has since passed away (I know, this is getting confusing).

I've seen that Nutro says their food is also great for urinary tract health, but I've been a little gun shy about taking him off of the CD, for fear the crystals will return. As it seems you know LOTS about food, any thoughts on whether I could put him back on the Nutro? I do love that it has no by-products and I suppose if the crystals came back, I could simply go back to the CD food.
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**chuckles** We could argue all day about which food is better or what is worse or what company you should avoid.

I don't believe there is a "better" food. Even the RAW diets have their faults. Each company wants you to believe their food is superior to the next and there will be a million good and bad stories to every brand. The pet food industry is a big buisness and there's a lot of money to be made and fads will come and go in food.

I have met people who throughout the animals life bought him Science diet and the dog, a boxer of all breeds lived to be 14. The average life span for a Boxer is maybe 10 or 11 at the most. Then there's the woman who's cat was diagnosed with kidney failure almost 4 years ago and since it was diagnosed the cat has been on Science diet's K/D.

Then you come across the cats who have eaten whiskas and purina their whole life and lived to be 22. You find dogs that eat Wellness and have to be taken off it because they keep getting stomach upsets and have to go back to Alpo, the "lesser" brand they were on before.

Then you get the conflicting company advice. Science diet recomends for kidney failure give the animal less protein. Then Waltham recomends giving the animal a higher quality of protein. So what are you do do when you walk into a pet shop and are face with 25 different brands with 5 different formulas a piece? Educate yourself. Get to know the list of long words on the back of the bag and what they mean.

Looking at the ingredient list you'll see a bunch of ingredients and they must be listed in a decending order. This means the first thing on the list is the most prevalent part of the diet.

If you're cat is doing fine on the food it is on then leave it alone. Don't try to fix something that isn't broken. Xavier was on Exell when he was a kitten and I was lead to believe this was a better food(more expensive) and he had diarreha all the time. Once I switched him to Purina he was fine and same with Fallon who was put on Eukanuba by her doctor. Nice expensive food but ruined her coat and made her loose weight no matter how much I fed her.

I stand firm in saying that I feel a cooked homemade diet that includes all the important vitamins is the best but this can be time consuming and goes bad quickly. It also can be VERY dangerous if you do not know what you are doing since you can leave out many important vitamins that are vital to your pet's health.
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Oh goodness you are sooo right.

I've actually been studing animal nutrition for about a year now, quiet indepth as of recently.

I'm working on an ingredient dictionary, which would include full information about any ingredient in kibble/canned you could come across.

My findings over all, is that every food has a flaw lol.
But there are some that clearly excell above others.

I know Science Diet has worked for some cats, I'm not saying it should never be used. As far as switching your cat, if he's doing well on the SD I say keep him on it. You can try to beef up some extra meat products by giving him left over of your real food 'aka raw' hehe.
I have not looked to much into that particular food, but now I am interested and I'm going to go study it. I don't want to say anything further about your cat and this food, because I don't have the knowledge.

In the end, it all comes down to what 'really' WORKS for your cat... not what your cat will eat.
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"Each company wants you to believe their food is superior to the next and there will be a million good and bad stories to every brand. The pet food industry is a big buisness and there's a lot of money to be made and fads will come and go in food. "
(Applause from krissie for BadHabit)

This is something I think people sometimes lose sight of. I had a nasty encounter with a Nutro salesperson in PetSmart the other day, who insisted that the Iams cat food I was there to buy was trash and Nutro was manna from heaven. Excuse me? It's your JOB to shill for this product; why should I believe your food is truly "better"? And what exactly is "better"? Does my cat really *need* cranberry extract powder, etc. in her food? I don't think so. Is bone meal so terrible? Have you any idea what she would eat if left to her own devices? I agree with BadHabit; buy whatever you can afford on a regular basis that keeps the freakin' cat healthy.

"I will not feed Iams, because they support and do animal testing."
AngelzOO, please excuse my ignorance--but are there other ways for a pet food company to test their products?
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lololol Krissie

When Iams merged with Proctor and Gamble... I stopped buying from them.
That company does testing on dogs. And other various animals. for makeup, shampoo, dish deterent, for new medications, break their legs to see how 'fast' they can heal it. random stuff, which i think they should use humans for, what better results could you get from that!

Anyway, yeah its like all those lables that say "not tested on animals". Iams merged with animal killers. And they also changed there formula in recent years to a 'lower grade' than what it once was.
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krissie - there must be other ways for companies to test their products because not all companies test their products on animals. P&G have done some horrific animal testing, I have even seen graphic pictures. While some animal testing may be neccessary, some companies really overdo it. Here is a link someone posted on another board:

angeloo - P&G has stopped all of its animal testing on all non food and non drug products in 1999 according to PETA Here is a link:
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Melissa- Did you state that this is not good. Just wondering.
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Any testing on something non food related (just to see if it tastes good) is bad in my book. I wonder if that page is a hoax, I will find out soon.

Iams isn't 'that' bad its better than grocery store brands, but its not a great food either. And like I said their food 'used' to be better, but then they secretly changed their formula (well its not a secret anymore).
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I read all your posts and I hardly know most of the brands becuase they are not available here... I'll list all the brands I can find here, can you tell me which are the best?

Here is the list:
Science Diet
Royal canin
9 lives
original recipe
eagle pack (eagle perfect)
Nutra Nuggets
Hy ration (not sure about the spelling)
Purina cat chow
I think that's all...
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I've had the pleasure of meeting quite a few veterinarian nutritionists and their advice is all pretty much the same. Unless your animal has a health problem and needs a specific diet and you've been using a food that's been working well for the animal then don't fuss with it too much.

They did agree there are foods out there that are better quality than others and each of them had their favorites but overall most felt that pet food is regulated by AAFCO so the food can not be as bad as the horror stories you hear.

They also recommend that you get to know the ingredient list on the back of the bag and make an informed decision for yourself.

If you'd really like to know more about pet food and such DO NOT look for it on the internet unless it's a site you know and trust well because anything and everything can be put up on a web page and said true. I've read a lot of bogus information on even professional looking web pages(like dogs can only catch heartworm once) and it's scary because if you don't know any better you'll believe it.
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BadHabit: If you have met vets that will admit to different qualities of food than thats great! I have not met any yet.
There is an alarming number of vets out there still that say SD is the best... hands down, or even worse ones that say Meow Mix and Friskys are great. *sigh*

Most of the information I have learned are through my own studies, from vets, from vet techs, from behavorist and nutritionist, holistic vets, and my good friends own experiances. Do you honestly believe that the AAFCO is 100% correct? *hangs her head in shame*

I know there are many hoax's out there, and there is many ppl like me out there that make it our goal to find those hoax's and bring the truth out.
There are many things that officials once thought were fit for human consumption, years down the line they found out they were horrible for you and recommened no one eat that product, or it was no longer produced in that country. Same thing can apply to animals.

I basically have dedicatd my life over the past 2+ years to animal nutrition, behavoiral studies, and medical issues, and I'm sure its something I will be doing for the rest of my life, therefore I have ran into so many misconceptions. One of the reasons I am here, for anyone that doesn't know

I have not heard of some of those brands, but the ones that I know are good for most cats are royal canin, eagle pack. But I can take a look for some of the others, as I want to know if they are high quality or not.
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I do not believe the ACCFO is always correct, nor did I state that. I do not trust any goverment run organization completely(Maybe that's the Libertarian in me) but I do not believe every claim I hear made by groups(usually holistic) that there's dead cat parts in my cat's food. I have absolutely nothing against holistic medicine either I just get irritated by extremists who claim every thing we do for our pets is wrong and it's going to kill them.

You'll have to excuse me if I come off detrimental on this subject but I deal with the outcries of this is wrong and that is wrong on a daily basis. It became frustrating for me when I first started in the field of animal health because I was constantly questioning who is right and is that really so wrong. At risk of losing my mind and running out of options I told myself I'll stick with what I know is right and untill a claim is proven then I'll reconsider.

What I do see that makes me angry is people constantly switching their pet's food because their friend told them this brand uses horse testicles as it's main ingredient or they use whatever is on sale and then they can't figure out why poor fluffy has diarrhea all the time or why she had become fincky all of a sudden.

I strongly believe that feline and canine nutrition is overlooked bv pet owners AND veterinarians alike. When the vet asks clients what they feed their pet I constantly hear, "I feed him the stuff in the blue bag." Ok, what stuff might that be?

I do believe however, that the standards of the quality of dog and cat food need to be raised. Unfortunatly the laws against animal cruelty are the bare minimum so why should we expect their food standards to be any better? On the plus side, pet food has come a long way and there are a lot more choices out there.

Every day we are one step(baby steps might I add) closer to people accepting animals as an equal part of society. Hopefully then nutrition, behavior and the laws will be a bit more sophisticated.

Much like you Angel, I have dedicated my life to animal health but now I see I am needed where there's even more confusion that needs clearing. I think the world needs more people like us(I mean EVERY one on this board) because we can love and dedicate ourselves to some of nature's finest creatures.
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