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I have a kitten, about 8 months old, who usually loves her stomach being rubbed, has been hissing and biting people when they touch her stomach for too long. My mom thinks she might be pregnant, but im not sure. (we have a male cat also, hes 8 months also) none of my cats are fixed.
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I'm not sure what your question is? If it is can she be pregnant this young, sadly yes, and sadly it is more high risk at this young age. If it's what you should do - I advise you get your young tom fixed before he begins spraying while inside, and impregnating any other whole females in the neighborhood, as well as getting into fights while out and about.

Your young gal needs to be seen by a vet who can advise you as to whether or not she is pregnant or if not, what is causing her to express discomfort when her tummy is touched.
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I would suggest you talk to your mom and get both your cats fixed as soon as possible. If money is an issue, there are organizations that offer low spay and neuter certificates. However, I don't know the organizations in your country, perhaps rosiemac might know?

Also just for your information, as some cats grow up, rolling over on their stomach is how they prepare for battle. When two cats are ready to fight, one will roll over and bare his stomach, not to make himself vulnerable, but to have his weapons up and at the ready (claws and teeth) That is why with some cats, when you touch their tummy they will attack you. These are mostly stray cats, not the ones that as kittens were touched and loved from the first day they appeared in the world by the human who helped to care for them.
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ah sorry, wasnt too specific, the question was why would her stomach be bothering her, i think she may be the runt of her litter, and she has some lumps( my mom says there fibroids) in her lower stomach area but they havnt been bothering her. shes a very nice cat, and never attacks me or anyone else, unless playing, so we were all confused as to why she was hissing and whatnot.

my male cat's already been spraying , but my cats are all indoor(exept one that were just watching for awhile) so he doesnt get into fights with neighbor hood cats, and it takes about 3 months for him to be fixed( shots first and all)
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I had a friend whose kitten got pregnant at 7 months...so it is totally possible for her to be pregnant...ecspecially since her brother is living in the house w/ her unaltered.....

They really do need to be spayed......

Another thing i was thinking was possibly a hernia..I think they are actually pretty common in kittens as I have met a dozen or so in my lifetime w/ this problem.....

Either way they both need to see the vet for check-ups and spay/neutering
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Just as an addition...a hernia can be fixed during a spay.....so you save on anesthisia costs
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