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another skin condition

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I'm new here. I saw the post by critx about his/her pets skin condition. I'm facing the same problem. We took in a stray 2 mo. ago. A long hair gold tabby female. I noticed that she had these scabby things, several different places on her back that were'nt healing. The vet did a quick smear, and said that there was probably more white blood cells than he'd like to see, but that he really thought that it was a dermatitis. He gave her steroid drops, and said that if it didn't clear up in a couple of weeks, to come back. The scabs have fallen off, but it looks just kinda raw right now. I decided that since food can be a major contributor to dermatitis, that I would switch her off the purina one I was feeding her, and went to solid gold. When she was out on her own I suspect she was eating dog food that people had out for their pets. She sneaks over to our neighbors and eats their dog food whenever she gets the chance. She was strayed for many months, and I think that's what she got use to eating. She really doesn't like any cat food. She hasn't been as playful since I switched her food. I don't know if the change in food is a big ajustment or what. I'm open for any idea's!
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Have you tried doing wet food with her? Its important that she gets the proper nutrients and you are right, there is likely a link between diet and the skin condition. Cats usually can't resist some wet food. They also have those fish flakes at the pet stores that you can sprinkle over the food. They smell very fishy and usually tempt a cat to eat. The dog food is definitely not the best for her. You might look into Missing Link supplement at Petsmart/Co as it has a bunch of amino acids in it and helps to establish a healthy coat (its a good all around supplement) and can be sprinkled over the wet or dry.

If you really want her to eat the dry then you could start mixing the wet and dry together and slowly eliminate some of the wet from the diet. I always recommend keeping some wet in the diet though as it provides a lot of liquid.
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Solid gold is a good food but it is complex, try a dry that is simplier ... ones I like are Natural choice , California natural and sensible choice .. I too say try a wet food but read the labels try to get ther fewest grains ( example broth chn beef rice is good ... brothe chn rice wheat corn not as good )

you may also want to pay close attention to linoleic acid / omega six on labels.. I like at least 3.5 % in dry food and .75% in a wet food
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Thanks Solarity & Sharky,
I just bought some wet food today. I'm sure that she is going to need extra supplements, just because she was out strayed for so long. If she would just stop sneeking dog food I'm sure she do a lot better!! Never thought I would have a cat that was a secret addict!!

Love your cats, what a nice bunch of kids!
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One of my cats had a skin reaction when I switched her food. I switched her back to her old food and gave her medicated baths to help heal up the skin. Medicated baths have done wonders for me. Not only did the bath help this cat but also helped a previous cat of mine.
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Did you get the medicated bath stuff for your cats at the vet or pet store?
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I bought mine at Chow Hound the brand is InPet's Choice and the shampoo is called Medicated Anti-Seborrhoic Pet Shampoo for dogs & cats it cost $7.49 for 16oz.

Simba was my first cat I used it on and I bathed him every other week and it took 4 baths for him to clear all the way up (my vet is the one who recommended this). Cala is the cat I am using it on now and I have been bathing her every other week but it took 5 times before she healed up. She is not all the way healed up but the wet redness is gone and her hair is growing back. It has been 3 weeks since I last bathed her.
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That's very helpful. Thanks!
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You are welcome. I hope this helps you out.
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